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Mame game loosing focus during play in Bigbox

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Hi All,

My machine has been running happily for over a year.. No issues..  I was using it yesterday (first time in the last 2 weeks) and during game play - the Mame game went into the background and BB was visible (I believe the loading game screen - I should have made sure)..  I was able to ALT-TAB back to Mame to verify focus was lost..

I then rebooted everything (Windows 10) and started over..  Same thing happened..  

Then I tried just loading the game and walking away (i.e.  Not playing.. making sure I didn't somehow have a weird hidden hotkey sequence) and when I checked back later.. it had happened.

I searched the forum and saw similar things from years ago.. but nothing recent..  I let BB auto update (and Windows since I've never fully gotten it to stop updating...)

Anyone know if recent updates that could cause this or what I can do?



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