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Bigbox Slow Startup Time (after partially moving to SSD)


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So I know that BB isn't the fastest when starting up but I think 30 seconds without any UI or load screen (ignoring the startup video for now) needs further investigation. I do have a lot of games (20k) but I'm running it on a pretty beefy system (i7 3.7ghz with 32gb mem). I recently moved everything that I could to a dedicated SSD and created links to the bigger files that are still stored on an external USB 3 4TB drive. So my folder structure on that 4TB drive now looks like this:

image.png.e459e332faebf7a819e46a6a434c6cc8.pngWhere everything else is on the SSD with links for those folders above. My guess is that it's still loading the images from the external, but that is a 75GB folder so I'm reluctant to move it (my SSD stores Steam games as well as Launchbox and is only 500GB so I have to conservative with space).

Are there any other optimizations I can do?

UPDATE: Moved images folder to the SSD and removed the link. Boot time is now about 20 seconds so it's a little better.



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