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I saw some people on YouTube who turned their cabinets into dedicated virtual pinball cabinets using Pinball Arcade, Future Pinball, Pinball FX, and I have The Pinball Arcade successfully installed and in BigBox. I just can't figure out how the heck to get my cabinet controls to work. The controls section has a controllers and keyboard/mouse tab but when I try to map controllers my cabinet controls don't respond at all. Mouse and keyboard works perfectly and my encoders are properly setup and work with MAME. Does anyone know how to get Pinball Arcade to map to our cabinet joysticks and buttons? I use this Pinball emulator specifically because it has recreations of real tables like Addams Family and Funhouse.

Here is one example. Skip to 1:05. If anyone can help I'd be really grateful.


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In case anyone else has this question I found the answers since I first posted. Using XBox360ce will allow your arcade controls to work with Pinball Arcade. Once you set it up it doesn't have to ever be opened or configured again, and doesn't have to run alongside Pinball Arcade.  Joystick is the cursor and works flawlessly. 

The only issue I had was Player 1 and 2 controls cannot work at the same time so if you want flipper side buttons, etc. you would need to use one encoder, make it a 1 player cabinet, and simply spread the buttons across the whole control panel as needed. That's what this guy in the video did. I just use the 1 player side of my MKII cabinet and it works well enough.

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