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Anyone use Zero Delay boards and Mame/Steam?


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I just got my cabinet built and controls set up. I’m using two Zero Delay boards that show up as Generic Joysticks in Windows. I’m having a hard time with figuring out the mappings for both Mame and Steam games. I’m using BigBox for the front end so I thought I’d post here for help since I figure most people here would be using Mame or Steam. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  suraj palette

Retroarch games work for the most part. If I hit TAB during a game I can change the mappings fine. But how can I change this for all games not one at a time? Also some games, mainly Nintendo, don’t even show a menu when I hit TAB. But the joystick works fine within a game but the directions are reversed.   senior living homes in india

For other emulators like Daphne, PlayStation, Sega etc I’ve no clue what I need to change as the TAB key doesn’t seem to be recognized. Also within these the escape key also doesn’t even return me to the BigBox. I have to alt-tab and leave it running in the background.

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Hi, Have you made sure you have wired up the zero delay boards correctly, its very easy to mess up the directions, have built 4 bartops using them so i know its easy to get them wrong but very easy to swap the wires around, guess thats why its messing up the software controls, hope that makes sense ?

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