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Happy New Year 2020 to all

This is Play Box 3, A continuation of Play Box 2. 
I have redesigned this theme for a more modern look of Steam Big Picture Mode or TV Media Center Graphical User Interfaces.
All games & apps that have been added as your favourite & recently played now have a Steam Banner style shortcut on the Home Screen for quick access. Platform & Games views now have faded backgrounds for artwork.  
Included in my theme is alternative control layouts for Microsoft XBOX One & Sony Playstation 4 & a collection of steam Banners for games of various platforms.
There are 2x Platform views & 6x Game views to choose from all with menu controls, All the videoborder views from my previous Play Box Themes are there.
Important note**If  the artwork & videoborder views do not display properly for a platform on your system, there will most likely be naming conflicts between your platforms & files in my theme. To fix this issue, you must locate these files in the background & videoborder folders of my Play Box theme then change the names to your actual platforms name.

Unzip the Play Box 3 folder to your Launchbox /Themes directory. 
Setting up Steam Banners
Make sure you set Platform & Game images as Steam Banners within the game options in Launchbox. Then for them to be used in the theme correctly set the priority of the boxes view to prioritise Steam Banners first - if you ever want to revert this it is then simply a case of lowering the priority of the steam banners in the boxes list rather than having to remove or reorganise images. To do this open Launchbox and go to Tools --> Options and in the window that appear select Box Front Properties in the Images section and use the Up button to move the Steam Banners to the top of the list.

Big thanks to Jason Carr, CriticalCid & RetroHumanoid for there Unified themes which has inspired me to create my videoborder views.
And a big thanks to BlazingRyuu for his Device Icons which i have slightly edited to scale to my theme.


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