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Mortal Kombat and Ipac Keyboard Encoder issues


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Hi ive just setup an Ipac 2 digital encoder in my Arcade Machine.

Im setting up Mortal Kombat XL and after a while of setting up the key bindings ( this was a horrible nightmare for me) i finally got it running,however my problem is that im trying to learn the moves in the game.I have coloured arcade buttons on my cabinet marked out like an Xbox controller red/green/blue/yellow and another 4 white to emulate the LB/LT/RB/RT buttons.


But when i pause the game to learn the moves the moves the  list appears as my encoder buttons  D,Z,G,O : L  (as expected though) Is there any way to trick my encoder or the game into having the moves list colour coded rather that random letters? 

For instance, if want to use the spear for scorpion and i go to moves list it appears as (D,A - F) ,whereas  i want it to appear as   - ->  <--  and blue (as my buttons are coloured). It makes it easier to learn the game rather that work out button letters over the colours.


My brother suggested sticking the letters of the encoder on the coloured buttons,but i feel as if i still have to learn the 8 letters over the simple colours.


I know this sounds strange but i built my machine with the expectations of being able to emulate an XBOX controller (hence the coloured buttons i put in my machine) Having random letters and numbers due to it being a keyboard encoder is already kinda annoying me.



So again is there a way to trick the game into it appearing i have an xbox controller plugged in when its the ipac encoder,so that the colours appear in the moves list.

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