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Question about "Small Duplicate"

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I think this 2 images are different, not only in size, but one of them have a box and the other don't have.

I see this 2 images like an alternative for each other, and i think that we need to have both on our game database.

The image with box can be cool for people like to use 2D box and the image without the box can be used for people like the other type, or can be used to repair/creted 3D box in the future.

This is only an example that i see. There other images like a 3D Boxes in a different angle. Some images that have a high resolution, but is cropped and can be replaced with a image with a little less resolution, but, without the cropped part.


It's just my opinion.





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Posted (edited)

I think the top image is generally "superior", however I can definitely see how some people would prefer having the physical box as part of the image. Additionally, its always good to have more options for people that want really uniform collections so that they have a greater chance of there being the same form of image within each image type for all of their games.

My only complaint in regards to this is that I have seen a number of titles with several variants for each image type (i.e. Box - Front, Box - Rear) but my client often only see's and downloads the first one. It may be that although the website database is fine having multiple images for a title with the same designation that the client itself only pays attention to the first one chronologically, with variants that are marked with a region being the only exception.

I'm not sure if others have this issue but if they do then it will unfortunately prevent the usefulness of having these non-region based alternate versions.

But yes, I agree with this stipulation in general, the images are different enough to warrant keeping both.

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