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Plugin like PCSX2 Configurator for Dolphin

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Hi, i would like to know if there is any plugin like the PCSX2 Configurator but for Dolphin or even other emulators like epsxe and yuzu ?

Most of my backups gamecube games works fine with dolphin, but some don't, like "Geist", this one require a specific version of Dolphin to get to work (according to wiki). 

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PCSX2 Config doesn't use individual versions of the emulator, it creates new config files for the emulator named after the game in question, and then Launchbox uses command line to launch the emulator with the appropriately named config file. This is something that might be useful for EPSXE, but pretty much every other emulator allows you to edit the per-game config files for the emulators straight through the emulator themselves. Dolphin does, though you'll need to look at their wiki to know what headers and stuff to add in the config file. CEMU does as well, though it's a bit more and a bit less annoying to set up.

But for the most part, PCSX2 is the only one that has one made for it, but for something like Yuzu, you can do it yourself. Backup your system config file for the emulator, set it up specifically for how you want a game to run, rename the ini, and then use Launchbox's command line to launch the game and emulator with that specific config file, or use a guide to create a .bat file or custom dummy .exe to launch the game and the config together. This is what I used to do back when I used Steam as my core games launcher.

But for your specific Geist circumstance, your best option is to just download that one specific version of Dolphin, set it up how you want for the game, store it in another folder, and then set that version of Dolphin as the emulator for Geist.

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