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  1. If I'm understanding this correctly, this will make it easier to set up games to launch straight from Launchbox without having to do the command line stuff yourself --IE adding Retroarch as a new game in Steam and then using the command line to point that specific instance toward launching an SNES game, for example-- and if that's the case, I'm all for it. If you can somehow find a way to tie all of the extra images in Launchbox to the screenshots function in Steam so they show in the UI/display in the background on game categories like native Steam games too, that'd be even better.
  2. Cypher

    Low resolution screenshots, any way to zoom?

    It'd probably be easier to just replace the screenshot with a higher resolution one found through Google or screencapped yourself.
  3. Cypher

    Finding Your Steam Custom URL

    I already submitted a bug report, but I suggest not doing automatic imports from Steam since trying to click on a game, even if it's just to edit stuff, results in an automatic crash. Manually adding in games from PC, Origin, or whatever, seems to be working fine, though. Even manually adding Steam games seems to result in a crash, at least for me. edit: Turns out the bug is caused by the annoying thing Steam and Origin sometimes do when they forget your game is installed and you have to verify your game files and whatnot. If you have to redo the verification thing, Launchbox crashes now even when you're doing nothing but editing metadata versus trying to play the game. Once you verify the files, things are functioning like normal again.
  4. I don't know how much effort it'd be, but it'd be nice if there were sort of an achievements aggregator across all platforms. Just have people plug in their Retro Archievements, Xbox Live, Steam, and other profile/launcher information along with the games, and then monitor the game launchers or games themselves for when they throw out achievements, and then have Launchbox compile them into a single profile viewable via the Games DB profile. edit: Well, RetroAchievements made it into the Beta, so let's just hope Steam, Xbox, and Origin are next!
  5. Cypher

    PSP-XE [WIP]

    This is pretty damn sweet. And as an extra plus, this would go perfectly with people using Retroarch as well.
  6. Woah, I didn't even know this was a thing. That means I wouldn't have to rely on Retroarch so much, especially for games that run better in standalone emulators. I only found one screenshot, but it looks like it might solve the UI issues I have with most emulators that aren't PPSSPP. Is disc swapping handled through that menu as well? And if so, is it better than what's possible via other menas?
  7. Cypher

    RPCS3 - High Res Rendering

    VF5 runs great even though there's graphical glitches, and RCPS3 is probably responsible for the best Marvel vs Capcom 2 emulation outside of MAME, so that's a plus. I really just want to get it set up for Launchbox specifically for MvC2 and Sonic CD (Sonic CD especially since the PS3 version is the only widescreen version of the game that can be played on PC aside from the Android version). Everything else, I'm content on waiting for.
  8. Cypher

    M.U.G.E.N What is it and how do I play it.

    MUGEN is essentially an engine that people can use to build games; most commonly has been fighting games. What most people have done was rip the sprites and other assets from popular fighting games and essentially remade them for MUGEN, or used thsoe characters as the basis for some custom original characters or fan-art versions, like Dark Chun-Li or Super Saiyan 5 Goku. Best places to start are Youtube or the MUGEN wiki. http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/The_MUGEN_Database
  9. Command line did the trick! Thanks for the help!
  10. I know bsnes accuracy isn't capable of overclocking; I chose that core at random because I assumed that Launchbox would chose the core at default for games I hadn't yet configured through Retroarch natively instead of applying it across the board. Thanks for the command line tip, I'll try it out in the afternoon and see if it works.
  11. So, after struggling to figure out why retroarch wasn't booting in launchbox, I discovered that when launching the games, they don't use the same exact cores and configurations I set up with retroarch natively beforehand. Considering that certain games respond to different emulators better than others and certain cores provide different features, is it possible to simply have certain games use a different core than what I set as the default? I used bsnes accuracy and would very much like to take advantage of things like overclocking the FX chip for Star Fox for example; something I can't do with what I chose as the default core.