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I made some Start Up theme videos, but not sure if okay to share

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For my Start up theme, I wanted just a video of a disk or cart being put into the system of choice. So I made some videos of that, however, all the videos have been taken online (so far all from Game Sack on Youtube but as I get to systems they haven't reviewed for I may need to branch out), I editted out the sound and added my own foley stuff. Legally I think its probably fair use, but is it okay to share on the forum here? Its basically just a hand putting in a cartridge or disk, turning on the system. Adds a little bit of immersion to the experience I feel as that feeling of popping in a cart is kind of lacking. Thoughts? 

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Here are two I think are safe to share as the sound effects I used in the GOG are royalty free, and the video is from GOG. The Steam one is just a straight rip of the Steam Big Box intro. Unlike the other ones I'm making you can't insert a steam game into a system so I went for just loading screens as if they were a console. They work on the platform boot videos theme. 

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