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  1. Depending on the system I need a few more seconds, and I'm making videos as well so sometimes they are 8 to 10 seconds. Is it possible to increase this time some how?
  2. Here are two I think are safe to share as the sound effects I used in the GOG are royalty free, and the video is from GOG. The Steam one is just a straight rip of the Steam Big Box intro. Unlike the other ones I'm making you can't insert a steam game into a system so I went for just loading screens as if they were a console. They work on the platform boot videos theme. GOG.mp4 Steam.mp4
  3. For my Start up theme, I wanted just a video of a disk or cart being put into the system of choice. So I made some videos of that, however, all the videos have been taken online (so far all from Game Sack on Youtube but as I get to systems they haven't reviewed for I may need to branch out), I editted out the sound and added my own foley stuff. Legally I think its probably fair use, but is it okay to share on the forum here? Its basically just a hand putting in a cartridge or disk, turning on the system. Adds a little bit of immersion to the experience I feel as that feeling of popping in a cart is kind of lacking. Thoughts?
  4. I would love a theme that is just a video, so I can make one that is inserting a NES Cart, or PS1 disk, etc.
  5. I have Uncharted and God of War though and those didn't change. Do I have to rename them? Do I have to have the exact same games as you?
  6. Sweet, thanks. I was just merging the guide with the manual PDF but this is easier. I didn't think that would show in pause menu but it does. Thanks again.
  7. I know I could overwrite the manual with a PDF of a guide, but I would like both. Is it possible to easily add another field on my end that will show on the pause screen?
  8. Just to confirm, what file path are you looking for here? I have clear logos I use for other themes that are downloaded by Launchbox, but I downloaded the ones you specify and put them in LaunchBox\Themes\Retro Console Light V3\Images\Games\Custom Images 1\
  9. Awesome theme, using for NES for sure. Will be interested to see people edit it to include other consoles being visible. What would also be cool is to have a zoomed in image of the TV as a Retro Arch bezel, so it feels like you never leave BigBox.
  10. I can not for the life of me, get this to work. I want it for the PS3 theme. Every time the PS3 games just show the big box logo. I followed the instructions exactly, and refreshed the images even. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I have a very specific setup and it works for everything except Origin and Windows UWP games. I run bigbox through Steam using a PS4 controller. However, no matter what I do, if I launch Origin games in Steam or BigBox through Steam, it doesn't recognize the controls, even if I set them to full mouse and keyboard, it just doesn't grab the steam controller inputs. I have disabled the Origin in-game overlay as I heard that helped others in the past, but it still doesn't work. I tried launching through Steam, it still doesn't work. I tried adding Origin, and the game that I am trying to launch to steam and put a full mouse and key board bindings on it and this didn't work. If I launch the game the only inputs it accepts is a real mouse and keyboard , not a controller emulating a mouse and keyboard. I like to play on the couch which is why I like Big Box so much, so this makes playing Origin games impossible. Anyone have a work around? I am aware this is mainly a Steam/Origin issue, but I figure with the new update, some of us might be struggling to over come this. Edit: I also tried added the title through GLOSC to steam as well, and this didn't work. Its the work around I use for UWP games. Edit: Nevermind, its specifically Mass Effect, apparently it doesn't play well with controllers on PC.
  12. Maul83


    I really like it. What would be very cool is something like the big fade startup that shows a video on the tv in the back
  13. It works now thanks! I'm pretty sure it was the MAME version not matching the MAME set version, but I thought they were. I reinstalled MAME again by scratched and it worked this time, so maybe it wasn't, I dunno. Thanks for helping.
  14. I had an older version installed (not sure what) that I never really had sucess with, but I thought I'll just use Retroarch, then the new update came out so I wanted to use MAME for it, and noticed this issue, so I downloaded the newest one (0220b I think) and it still didn't work. I have since tried downloading 0197b as that is the same version as my rom pack I have, but no dice there either. I have removed Retroarch as an Arcade emulator as well in LB but that made no difference either. It is. I haven't altered the Mame folder in any way (except to store my Roms in mame/roms) and I haven't touched the INI. I also tried numerous versions of MAME as well.
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