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I know it's a weird case, but I'm having issues with the GameCube GBA Link games. Zelda Four Swords, FF Crystal Chronicles, and Pac-Man Vs are the ones I've tried.

To get everything to launch properly, I set up Rocket Launcher for just those games. I used to use it system-wide, but ditched it once LaunchBox started including startup and pause screens. I tweaked the Dolphin.ahk script for RocketLauncher to bypass the player number selection and just pick 1 GBA for Pac-Man and 4 for the other games, as well as properly set the controls for each VBA-M process, function properly with 1 GBA, and tweaked the screen layout a bit. Rocket Launcher's fade, pause, and bezels are disabled, LaunchBox has a startup screen with no shutdown screen and pause disabled for the Rocket Launcher emulator settings.

If I launch a game from the Rocket Launcher UI, everything functions fine. Both the GameCube and GBA screens run at normal speed and it's perfectly playable. If I launch them from LaunchBox using Rocket Launcher, it runs super slowly instead. Like, all the emulator windows take several seconds per frame. I can have LaunchBox open in the background while I launch the games via Rocket Launcher's UI and it's fine, it's only running them via LaunchBox that gets the slowdown.

Any ideas on what settings to look at, or alternate ways of launching this setup?

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