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  1. As far as size, mine is a 19", which is the top 1/3 of a 21.5" LCD. Really, you just want to figure out the width of your cabinet, and find something that fits. Definitely go smaller if there's no exact fit, you can always make a bezel around it. When you're looking them up, they should show the full dimensions. This is what my bartop looks like. If I had the space, I would have used a 1/2 cut instead of the 1/3 as that seems to fit the proportions of most marquees a little better. I have custom platform/playlist marquee images to fill the whole LCD, individual games may just be scaled down. I haven't had the "wrong game shows" issue, it's been spot on for me. I did have to modify the theme files after 9.4 though. The new code is a little cleaner, I'll post it when I get home and have access to the bartop.
  2. So, I'm in the process of building a bartop, and using RocketLauncher alongside BigBox for fades, bezels, and keymappers mostly. But I'm having some slightly odd behavior when opening a game. BigBox's "Now Loading" message will go away a good 3-5 seconds before RocketLauncher's fade appears. In that time, BigBox will take inputs until the fade shows up and locks it out. If I'm the one using it, it's not a big deal, I know not to touch anything. But if someone else is messing with the stick or buttons it can make weird things happen - mostly messing up the second screen's marquee image by selecting another game, or trying to launch a second game before the first loads. I've tried to prune down RL's load time as much as possible by disabling all but the clear logo images in the LB plugin, but 3 seconds or so between the now loading going away and the fade appearing and locking out BigBox is as fast as I can get it. Is there any way to add an extra delay to BigBox's load message, or modify the RocketLauncher emulator settings to prevent this?
  3. Yeah, that modified xaml above will do it. You may have to tweak the Grid.Rowspan line (I had to set mine from 3 down to 1), and you may want to change the Stretch mode from Fill to Unified so it doesn't warp the aspect ratio (unless your marquee images are all close to the right shape, then it may not matter).
  4. Thanks for this, I just got in a cut LCD for a work-in-progress cabinet and this code got things working. I had to change the grid settings a little (span 1 row instead of 3), and changed the scaling to unified instead of fill to keep the aspect ratio. That makes the flyer-style marquee images impossible to read. I may delete or find alternatives for those, or try re-scraping in case one of the sources has more appropriate images. I noticed it draws the image twice - I had set it to unified in one place but not the other, and it had a stretched version under the scaled one. I'm going to try reworking that to be a solid blue field to match the bezel that'll be around the LCD and make it fit in better. I also have to see if this'll work with CriticalZone v2 - I noticed it doesn't have xamls for the marquee, but the files are referenced in the csproj, so after work I'll figure out if I can just copy those files over and make it work.
  5. I found another thread where somebody suggested editing the theme files, and I got that working at least for CriticalZone. CriticalZone v2 didn’t seem to have the same files to edit, so I’ll have to dig in there and see if I can find where the marquee window is defined.
  6. I'm having this same issue - I've got a 21.5" monitor cut down to the top 1/3, so it's a 1920x360 display. I can see the top part of the marquee where the center of the display would have been. I've tried using DisplayFusion to split the monitor since I already had it from another PC, and it works for some apps, but the marquee display still takes over the whole screen. Creating a custom resolution doesn't work either - the screen stretches it as if the rest of the screen were still there. An option for setting the marquee display height would be really helpful, unless there's another program that can restrict Windows to just a portion of the monitor on a lower level than DisplayFusion.
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