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Extract Rom Archives with RL Alternative Emulators

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Hi guys,


Ive been racking my brains on this one. Its just a small issue im having with my Sony Playstation collection and trying to get it to launch an alternative Emulator from Rocket Launcher for certain games.

I have a few systems that use the Alternative Emulators option under the Games tap in Rocket Launcher as some games run better with different emus. And i use the Extract Rom Archive option for the emulator (Rocket Launcher) in Launchbox. All the other systems work fine and use the specific  Alternative Emulators i have set in RL. But for what ever reason when i launch certain games that I've set with Alternative Emulators for the Playstation it keeps using PCSXR and i have set the games to to use ePSXe. The default emu in RL is PCSXR. 

When i untick the Extract Rom Archive option in LB it works fine and those specific games use ePSXe as intended and use the default EMU PCSXR for the other games. Can anyone help out with this one?

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