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  1. Hi guys, Ive been racking my brains on this one. Its just a small issue im having with my Sony Playstation collection and trying to get it to launch an alternative Emulator from Rocket Launcher for certain games. I have a few systems that use the Alternative Emulators option under the Games tap in Rocket Launcher as some games run better with different emus. And i use the Extract Rom Archive option for the emulator (Rocket Launcher) in Launchbox. All the other systems work fine and use the specific Alternative Emulators i have set in RL. But for what ever reason when i launch
  2. same issue here to. gets stuck on the second track and plays it over and over until the point where i delete the damn song lol. V10.11
  3. following up on my original question..i found an alternative. simply editing 3 lines in the Data>Platforms>choose a system <OverrideDefaultStartupScreenSettings>false</OverrideDefaultStartupScreenSettings> <StartupLoadDelay>0</StartupLoadDelay> <UseStartupScreen>false</UseStartupScreen> You can change the time for each platform as follows.. simply using notepad, select Edit>Replace> and fill in the required fields..Find what...(one of the default lines as above) Replace with; <OverrideDefaultStartupScreenSetti
  4. Hi guys, id like to be able to change the startup screen delay time per platform as apposed to per emulator? is that possible? any advice appreciated.
  5. Yeah that sounds great. if you dont mind. im always up for learning new stuff. ive fully backed everything up. so ready..
  6. Thanks for the reply. Is this something i can fix myself or is this something that needs someone of experience to do? ive tried looking through the Theme Views folder. to see if its anyone of those files. if you can direct me to where it is or how to fix that would be great. Or is this a dll file? if so can i copy whichever file it is from Default themes? Thanks in advance.
  7. hi there. im new to all this. i have the theme RetroFresh installed. all running great. but for some reason the flip box doesn't work. it works on other themes so im just wondering if this is a purposely disabled feature and/or if it can be enabled? many thanks
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