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Getting wrong game from database (Mame 0.78) (Off the Wall))


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Hi everybody :) I am importing a classic Mame 0.78 set for use with the Retroarch mame 2003 core.... and i get just one weird error that i can't manage to fix.

There are two games with the same name: "Off the Wall"
1) This one scrapes just fine from the database https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/114856
2) This one refuses to be found when pressing "Search for metadata" https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/37926

So, when i search for metadata for the 2nd "Off the Wall", it only finde the first one. I even added the roms filename (offtwall) as "alternative name" in the games database, but still it won't find it. I should mention that the "alternative name" was accepted as change (it's the official MAME filename), and my launchbox downloaded a new local database this morning (hopefully including the change), so everything should be in order.

I tried searchng for just "Off" which gives a huge list of games, but still only the first "Off the Wall" entry is found on the list. Same thing happens if i search for "Wall".

It oftens happen to me that a few games does not scrape the database correctly in the first go, but usually these are very easy to fix by just pressing "Search for metadata" and select the correct title. But in this particular case it really puzzles me why i'm not able to fix it.

Any ideas for me to try out to get this game to scrape metadata correctly? Can i somehow manually assign the correct game ID to the entry, or are there some other solutions i can try out?

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