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  1. Any tips on how to use overlays for Vectrex games running in Retroarch? I am not too keen on running MESS or ParaJVE My setup worked like a charm on Retropie, and it goes like this: - I have my zipped roms in "Launchbox\Games\GCE Vectrex\" named like "Armor Attack.zip" - For every rom i have a .cfg file named like "Armor Attack.zip.cfg". These also reside in the rom folder This .cfg file looks like this: input_overlay = "(the path to rom folder)\overlays\Armor Attack.cfg" input_overlay_enable = true input_overlay_opacity = 0.375000 input_overlay_scale = 1.000000 custom_viewport_width = "846" custom_viewport_height = "1080" custom_viewport_x = "0" custom_viewport_y = "0" aspect_ratio_index = "22" video_scale_integer = true - In the rom folder i also have a folder named "overlays". This folder contains the actual overlay .png file and an extra .cfg file The extra .cfg file looks like this: overlays = 1 overlay0_overlay = "Armor Attack.png" overlay0_full_screen = false overlay0_descs = 0 I think my biggest problem is how to write a "dynamic" commandline parameter under "Associated platforms", because if i write the absolute path to the first .cfg then it works, of course all games use the same overlay Also, it seems like Retroarch insists on "saving config" when i run a game, bloating my first .cfg file with tons of other settings I did try to press "F1" while running a game, to go into Retroarch settings and maybe fix something "per game" with Overlay settings, but the text in the UI is severly borked, looks like Klingon or something (i think this is caused by the resolution that Vectrex core is running). I would be fully ok with leaving all this tedious "it worked on my Pi"-configuration if there is an easier method. How do you guys go about this?
  2. Aah, that sounds very plausible. Thanks, i will grab a cold one instead and wait to give it another go tomorrow I really like this db stuff, and i already found a few booboos which i reported. I think it is very comforting for my OCD, hehe... hoping to get 25 corrections in time, so i can also contribute with with the db entries.
  3. Hi guys and girls I have been using Launchbox for a few weeks now. I loved it so much that i got myself a Bigbox license and shortly after of course EmuMovies also, both lifetime; because this emulation hobby of mine is definitely worth it and i am CRAZY about that sexy Bigbox layout and all the themes. I love the whole ecosystem with the community, the external services, the database, you name it And this is my first humble attemt to post about a n00b issue that i ran into: While messing around with some ROMs import and stuff, i came across some "discrepancies" in the database. A fresh example: "The Sims 2 - castaway" for PSP. The picture of the disc was marked as "Cart", so my Launchbox did not find the Disc picture of course. Then i comitted a change from "cart" to "disc" - this has now been accepted, and i see in the database (through my browser) that the disc pic is indeed marked as "Disc" (https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/31936) So, i went to Launchbox, Right-clicked the game and select "Edit". Then i clicked "Download images", but i still don't see "Disc" in the list despite the image clearly has been corrected. Hmmm, i deleted the game and re-imported that single title (hoping that it would refresh some metadata or something), but it's the same deal... i see a list of all the pics related to the "Castaway" title, but "Disc" is not one of them Now, i am fairly sure that this error is fully on my behalf Even though Launchbox is extremely comfortable compared to RetroPie on my Pi3, it is still very elaborate and i keep finding cool features. My guess is that i just missed something important. I hope that some veteran Launchboxer can kindly teach me how to fix this in the correct way? Edit: fixed a few typos for readability
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