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Anyone done yet?


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As title suggests, is anyone DONE with their build yet?

Heres my lifestory, I tried setting up hyperspin and failed so im here. I decide to build a cheap bartop arcade, so i get my tv, my cheap usb encoders and 8way joysticks. I start with all the basic games and emulators, I have the basics, im not one to download calculator games and I dont want to congest my bigbox menu further. I then go on to add ps2 games so I download games for that, then wii games, so now I have a shit load of games that I hope to sort one day but its alot. So then I want to add the cheap usb trackball to my build, I add it, it looks ok, could be better, then im thinking of playing pacman better so I buy a servostick, now im trying to get servostick to work on launch of platform games etc. I ordered a spintrack, lol not sure where im going to fit that thing honestly. Ive been working on launchbox for the last day, and I think if I take 30min every day starting today, I could probably get 1/3 done in a year. Also my cheap budget bartop isnt cheap anymore since I got over 2k into it lol, and I want to add more, its a 30" bartop 2 player that I got old pics here 


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