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  1. After having kids and friends play on my bigbox, when they search for a game that I favorited in the abcs, they say they can't find it. Then I'm like oh I favorited it so it's at the top. So my question is how can I keep games I favorited in the abcs and at the top of list?
  2. In my Bigbox Menu, I have my selected item highlighted. But there is another random highlighted item, that stays static. How do i make it have only 1 highlight? Ive tried switching to diff themes but nothing works.
  3. I had this issue, but i was using Joy2Key and had the joystick 1 set as "Arrow Down" So in my menu, it was skipping a line when I would press down, i deleted those joystick entries and i dont get double press.
  4. Thanks guys, i was pulling hair trying to get pause menu to work. I did the above, emulator settings/pause menu/ and checked all 3 boxes and reset the default, and now its working Where can I get the game controls to show up now?
  5. I think I got 23,000 games. I got main consoles like atari, sega, playstation +2, wii , wii u, 3ds , nintendo, and a few pc games, I'm adding 100 ps3 games, and xbox games. I got 17tb worth of games on 2tb OS and 2 8tb drives. I need a better pc to emulate ps3 but ehhhhh. I got a i5 and its no good for ps3.
  6. Not me, but I think it's a cool idea, I would just buy a laptop and hook it up to a portable charger lol
  7. I didnt know there was an android version, Ive always just downloaded that android emulators app, bought it ofc. Please continue your work on the desktop version, there is still so much to do to. You gave it a shot, you never know until you try. Same thing with asking a question, you never know until you ask.
  8. NNEMO

    Anyone done yet?

    As title suggests, is anyone DONE with their build yet? Heres my lifestory, I tried setting up hyperspin and failed so im here. I decide to build a cheap bartop arcade, so i get my tv, my cheap usb encoders and 8way joysticks. I start with all the basic games and emulators, I have the basics, im not one to download calculator games and I dont want to congest my bigbox menu further. I then go on to add ps2 games so I download games for that, then wii games, so now I have a shit load of games that I hope to sort one day but its alot. So then I want to add the cheap usb trackball to my build, I add it, it looks ok, could be better, then im thinking of playing pacman better so I buy a servostick, now im trying to get servostick to work on launch of platform games etc. I ordered a spintrack, lol not sure where im going to fit that thing honestly. Ive been working on launchbox for the last day, and I think if I take 30min every day starting today, I could probably get 1/3 done in a year. Also my cheap budget bartop isnt cheap anymore since I got over 2k into it lol, and I want to add more, its a 30" bartop 2 player that I got old pics here
  9. Im still working on getting a layout done, but I will msg you and post here once I build another one, I ended up wasting alot of money trying to figure out things and going through about 3 diff panel layouts lol, Im working on 2 more panel layouts right now to try to be cheap $, but i will figure it out.
  10. Original AMD fanboy here, my bartop bigbox is Intel i5-4460 with gtx1050ti mini 4gb gddr5, and im up to running wii u great, I havnt stepped into ps3yet. I recommend going intel for a beast great across the board emulator, your setup looks good if its an i7. Notice I have an i5, its plenty for running emulators along with a good GPU, you cant go wrong.
  11. Ok so If I like and comment on a feature request back from 2018, what is the really the probability of it being considered, or even being noticed?
  12. Can we get a Suggestion Forum added here, my pro reasons are as follows. Please take this into consideration, for the community. 1. Multiple members can see what is being suggested on the forums. 2. The forum can become more active, which is my main focus. 3. Archived suggestions and responses is helpful for someone like me who likes to go looking to see what other people are doing. I want to add to this, a mod can just make a forum header with example: Submit final feature requests using Help & Support Tab.
  13. Thanks for reply, I saw that request feature but I didnt want to make another account to request a feature here. Regardless I will go give support for bulk editing. That suggestion is from 2018, so its an old suggestion that got swept under the rug. I made a new suggestion for multi application editor, https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5620/feature-req-bulk-editing-additional-apps and I hope I can have your suppost, click the link and give it a upvote.
  14. Hello, I just got a serverostick, and I want to CTRL A, and edit multiple Metadata Additional App to run the program for 4way servostick. I dont want to use LEDBlinky, so I go to each game I want to change to 4 way. Right now, I go to each games, rightclick, Metadata/Additional Apps, I Add Application, I set application path to my AutoHotkey.exe ..\Program Files (x86)\JoyTray\4wayJoystick.exe , I set checkbox to Auto Run Before Main App. I then add another application, ..\Program Files (x86)\JoyTray\4wayJoystick.exe to run After Main Application, this works! Just takes too long. My workaround per platform is to make a new emulator filename copied, link it per emulator, Edit Emulator, Running AutoHotkey Script, run, c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyTray\joytray -servo joy4way , BUT I cant do the same script for Exit AutoHotkey Script, run, c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyTray\joytray -servo joy4way because it makes BigBox Exit Hotkey buttons 11+12 not work. So my current solution is to not have a Exit Script. My suggested multiple Metadata Edit would fix this and make it wayyyyyy easier for me to edit my games in my opinion. Im still working on getting this all setup, and I will tackle mame last. Any suggestions plz give to me.
  15. What do you change .lnk to? examples This needs to made a feature, we need more additional app multi game editor.
  16. I fixed my issue. Im not sure what step did it, but its working now. I removed all microsoft programs, netframeworks, c++, "I had alot of programs listed" I renamed my current Launchbox folder in my c:drive to Launchboxold I installed the Launchbox 11.4 in c:drive, it made me download and install .netframework 48 ndp48-web, and windowsdesktop-runtime-3.1.8-win-x64. "I think launchbox still would not load" I updated my gtx1050ti graphics card driver with latest, and when it was finishing, it made me download 2x windows update files for windows 7, windows6.1-kb4474419-v3-x64_b5614c6cea5cb4e198717789633dca16308ef79c windows6.1-kb4490628-x64_d3de52d6987f7c8bdc2c015dca69eac96047c76e I restarted computer for these 2 windows 7 updates "note: I turned off my win7 updates" Now it works I renamed the newly installed Launchbox folder to LaunchboxCOPY, and renamed my original folder from Launchboxold to Launchbox NOTE: because of my multiple updating to 1.4 attempts, my original folder is updated to 1.4 when I launch it. Im using win7 pro, with no rivatuner and no antivirus
  17. Yes Ok I'll try that. Yes I mean 11.4
  18. I installed 1.4, I did install it in a diff location, I thought it was my c drive. So now what should I do? My games are in the cdrive launchbox. I haven't updated launchbox in along time, maybe I should have manually backed up all my files first? I looked through the forums and tried a few things, I don't know how to restore from a backup, how do I do that?
  19. I got the same issue, im using version 9.3 I go to update to latest 1.4, and it freeze crashes at the last part install windows . I tried the suggested repairs and deleting old files etc. I tried reinstalling 1.4 several times. I installed 9.3 and it deleted all my games, made me sign in license. So fk this is annoying how a update doesnt work, where is our option to not auto install other parts of windows etc.? Ok so after restarting computer launchbox still wont open on 9.3
  20. theme is CleanBG theme
  21. Thank you, For my first build I learned alot, and there is still alot I want to do. I want to add a trackball with a mouseclick mainly for the 3ds games, but that will take some custom printed parts to do. I will eventually get a 3d printer and see what I can come up with. Using 3d printed parts would make this build alot easier and faster to make, Ill probably get on it soon.
  22. When i close project 64 in bigbox with the hotkeys joy+joy button, it closes the game, but it stays frozen inside bigbox afterwards. What is the script for exiting project 64, isnt it alt+4 to completely close. Please help someone
  23. Hello, Ive built my first bartop using a 32 inch vizio tv. I put alot of effort into the cabinet, and im still not done, I still got to put the backpanel on and a few minor things. Maybe 2 months to build because of experimenting with weight and diff materials, still configuring the software. Size in inches 30.5 Wide, 16.5 Depth, 27 Tall Cabinet: 3/4 Wood, and 1/8. Weight is estimated 45 pounds atm, will increase alittle once i add the backpanel. I shaved off alot of the wood thinkness, and reinforced it with fiberglass. Ive been able to load it up in my car and take it to friends houses by myself. I have 2 usb 2.0 at the front hidden on the black trim at the bottom right. Gloss white vinyl covers the whole cabinet. Currently I have all the basic systems, + wii, ps1, ps2 games, I still want to add more games once I get past a few bugs/problems with the emulators. The 32inch tv is 1080p, the speakers are from the tv, they are really loud and sound high quality, I placed the tv buttons on the top back left side, power button starts the tv. I have a power toggle switch, which starts the light for marquee, a button on the backside next to toggle switch starts the computer, and the tvs power button is on top. The pros of having the tv is pretty badass, I can use the remote to change the volume, I can turn off the screen with remote by aiming at the marquee and it works. I would say that is the biggest feature of my bartop arcade. Computer is a i5 asrock with a gtx 1050ti, 500w psu, 4gb ram. Pretty standard harware running windows 7, Bigbox boots at startup. I got 3 harddrives atm, 2tb OS, 4tb and 8tb. Controls/buttons: I messed around with diff layouts, and came to a offset 1st player, so I can solo play alot of the games and not have to break my neck looking at the center of screen. Because of the large width, 2 player games is really nice and your not bumping shoulders which a big reason why I went with this setup. I went with 2 extra buttons by the main 8 buttons to give me more options for newer consoles, so the total is 10 on top and 2 at the front. The 2 little buttons are linked to the side for pinball, and its working awesome. Im using the USB zero delay encoder the cheap one, and sanwa joysticks, buttons are Seimitsu which are pretty expensive, but man are they slick and easy to press, smooth like butter. "I tried some cheaper ebay rgb buttons which were way too stiff, I still havnt tried ultimarc rgb buttons yet" Marquee: I custom made the artwork had it printed online, its a 4" by 29" The light is led dimable. I added mostly fighters and retroarch logo, and BigBox logo that deserves a like right there lol. Overall I have everything working, I fixed alot of the problems that come with a big screen, I feel I came up with a few unique ideas of my own which really made this project last alot longer than it should have. Im still deciding on adding a trackball in the middle. Let me know what you think!
  24. Any ideas, its really driving me crazy Im a 4bit calculator that needs halp, halp halp me
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