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Hi all! I kind of dip in and out of retro gaming - right now I'm definitely all in! I finally integrated/configured newer features like the pause screens and retro achievements - LB keeps getting better and better. But it still lacks one thing that I think would be so great: a list of related/similar games to appear within a game's "page" so to speak.

For example, if you have Blazing Lazers up on Big Box, perhaps down towards the bottom there could be a section called  "Related Games" wherein you'd have Super Star Soldier, Raiden, Image Fight, etc. listed with maybe some Genesis/SNES shoot em ups, a few arcade shooters from the era perhaps, etc. Maybe other highly rated TG-16 games of other genres. Maybe other games from the same year. There are many possibilities. You could even have multiple rows of game listings with different criteria.

It'd be so great! You have many fields of metadata already in LB, to scrape from. That's literally the one feature I've been dying for all along. Plex has the very same feature, for movies. It's awesome.

I've tried to beat the drum for this in the past. Crickets. Even created a Bit Bucket ticket about a year ago: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4863/similar-related-recommended-games

I feel like this would be a popular feature request if I could somehow communicate effectively what I mean. Perhaps this is the time!  It doesn't even seem like (from a non-programmer point of view, admittedly) it'd be very hard to implement. All of the info needed to create such lists is already in LB.

Please consider voting on the Bitbucket ticket, responding with agreement here, or heck, tell me I'm crazy! But I think it'd be awesome, and to me it's verging on being a glaring omission now, given how incredibly feature-rich LB is at this point, thanks to Jason's tireless efforts. Cheers, everyone!

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