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Game screenshots aren't showing in details pane


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I have recently being adding my own game images for certain games with missing gameplay screenshots, and I found a quick way to do it. I dragged the image straight from google images into the image browser and assigned it as 'screenshot - Gameplay". This seemed to work. Launchbox accepted them as an image and they displayed when I set image group to screenshots. However it took me a while to realise that the screenshots were't showing up in the Game Details pane. The screenshots subtitle is there but there's no image showing up. I checked to see if dragging from google images actually saved the image to my computer and it does. The images show up in the screenshots folders, and everywhere else, except in the game details bar.

I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if launchbox simply doesn't have the ability to pull images directly from a google images drag. Note that it does work if I drag the image from google to my desktop, then manually browse for the image. If it is the case that launchbox can't do this yet, could you consider adding it as a feature? Because it speeds things up quite a bit.



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