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  1. Nevermind I fixed it. Turns out the site I got them from didn't have the latest versions.
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with some games in my Amiga setup on Launchbox recently. I have my Amiga games set up individually in Launchbox using FS-UAE and an application one of the LB community made called FS-UAE Exporter, which creates code ID's for each game that LaunchBox can boot. Up until recently this has been working fine, but then I started getting error messages with some games. First thing I did was download the latest WHDLoad versions of each affected game, as they weren't showing up in the FS-UAE Launcher itself so of course LaunchBox wouldn't boot them. I tried that and it worked for some of the games, but most were still not being shown on the FS-UAE Launcher, and so weren't booting through LB and getting the same error message. I'm not sure whats going on with it. Is this an issue some of you are getting? Some of the games that aren't working are: Another World Body Blows Cedric Chaos Engine 2 Dragon Spirit Fire & Ice James Pond Lemmings 2 Ruff n Tumble Shadow Of The Beast Syndacite Could any of you do me a favour and try one of these games through LaunchBox and see if they still work for you? If they do then I can only guess that you haven't recently updated the FS-UAE Database, and the old WHDLoad files still work for you. If that is indeed the problem of course. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, does anyone know where to find High resolution Gameboy color and Original Gameboy box art? I can't for the life of me find a good collection anywhere. Theres the odd high resolution scan here and there but a lot of them are low res or messy in some way. I've got this OCD thing where I need each box art image to be at least 1080 pixels high because i'm a lunatic, but that's not even why I want these, I simply can't find good scans of these platforms at all. Any help in finding them would be appreciated. If you have some that you've sourced yourself maybe you could share them? I have some i've done myself too. Help eachother out etc. Thanks.
  4. I included Date Added cos I use the "Arrange By" tab at the top of the screen that does it better.
  5. Hi, I have been trying to tidy up my collection as much as possible and I have noticed that a lot of the categories on the side bar aren't used at all really (by me, atleast). Among these i've found are: -Complete -Date Added -Date Modified -Installed -Portable -Source You may use these categories but I was wondering if there's currently a way to sort it so that these don't show in the side bar of LaunchBox or the main menu of Big Box? Like a way to hide them? If not could you consider adding it? Thank you.
  6. Thats great news then! I've also noticed that theres a few playlist videos such as Namco System 22, Sega S-TV and Sega Lindbergh that don't have videos yet. You have made Nostalgia ones for them but not Colourful videos so they don't match up quite right with the theme. I'm sure you're probably aware of this, there's no rush I'm just pointing it out. But I was wondering if you could help me out with something? Some of the platforms video colours don't quite match up with the side bar like these images show. I think I know why it may be, might not have the exact same name as what you assigned them in the xml? But i'm not sure. The same problem with Windows, MSX 1 and 2 and PC Engine. These are obviously minor problems but would you know how to make the green bar match the colours of the videos like on the rest of them? Like do I edit an XML somewhere? Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!
  7. One of the best! Is there a Vectrex platform video anywhere? Seems to be missing?
  8. Awesome thank you! I'm just wondering what the games you included in the video are? I know some of them but not all. Thank you.
  9. There are a few Game Gear cart images spread around my collection that are uniform and look like the images below. The other collection isn't as good but I was wondering who created these? And if there is a complete collection of these anywhere? Cheers.
  10. Just wondering because I am using the retrofresh theme and I want it as streamlined and quick to use as possible, so the ability to just play the game with one button press would be nice. But that seems to disable the functionality of rating and favoriting games, viewing videos in full screen etc. Is there a way to map those functions to a button on the controller while just hovering over the game?
  11. Yeah I see what you're saying. If anything I just wish the video box was smaller because many of the standard definition videos (most of them) look a bit pixelated at that size. I'm not massively bothered about the platform logo at the top left, or even the fades at the sides. Just an option to make the video box about the size as in that pic. Would you know what to edit in the xaml files? Thank you.
  12. I quite like it with just the text tbh. But maybe a choice with another view yeah.
  13. I'm happy this theme exists it's amazing! It's got that minimalist multinational corporation interface look about it. As sleek as the new consoles sort of thing. I was just thinking though, what if you were to fill in some of the gaps with like a clean white platform logo at the top left corner? Like all white to maintain the understated look? And 3D boxes by default instead of box fronts? And is there a way to make the video window smaller? It's just that It would be more seamless looking in a smaller window with fades on the sides like netflix. Here's a wee mockup i did, just an idea, like all platform clear logos would be white like that one. Fades on the side of the video. Button prompts. Or can you tell me how I could do it myself? I wish I knew how this stuff works
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