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  1. There are a few Game Gear cart images spread around my collection that are uniform and look like the images below. The other collection isn't as good but I was wondering who created these? And if there is a complete collection of these anywhere? Cheers.
  2. Just wondering because I am using the retrofresh theme and I want it as streamlined and quick to use as possible, so the ability to just play the game with one button press would be nice. But that seems to disable the functionality of rating and favoriting games, viewing videos in full screen etc. Is there a way to map those functions to a button on the controller while just hovering over the game?
  3. Yeah I see what you're saying. If anything I just wish the video box was smaller because many of the standard definition videos (most of them) look a bit pixelated at that size. I'm not massively bothered about the platform logo at the top left, or even the fades at the sides. Just an option to make the video box about the size as in that pic. Would you know what to edit in the xaml files? Thank you.
  4. I quite like it with just the text tbh. But maybe a choice with another view yeah.
  5. I'm happy this theme exists it's amazing! It's got that minimalist multinational corporation interface look about it. As sleek as the new consoles sort of thing. I was just thinking though, what if you were to fill in some of the gaps with like a clean white platform logo at the top left corner? Like all white to maintain the understated look? And 3D boxes by default instead of box fronts? And is there a way to make the video window smaller? It's just that It would be more seamless looking in a smaller window with fades on the sides like netflix. Here's a wee mockup i did, just an idea, like all platform clear logos would be white like that one. Fades on the side of the video. Button prompts. Or can you tell me how I could do it myself? I wish I knew how this stuff works
  6. They not wrong though. If you're going to bother contributing to the database, why not look for the best possible images you can find?
  7. What do you think would be a better alternative? Gameplay Images may not look too hot either. Do you know how or where to add the code to blur the background images for bigbox themes? Thanks.
  8. I was looking through some of the images on my Launchbox setup and found that many of the box art images can't be found in high resolution anywhere on the internet. Especially on the computer platforms like C64 and MSX. So I was wondering if there was a good tool to sharpen the images and make them look better in bigger sizes. I knew what I wanted (a proper AI image upscaler), but I just assumed that all I'd find for free was a simple image sharpener (like you'd see on traditional DVD upscalers for example), and that would have been enough. Instead I found this website that upscaled with AI called Vertexshare. It's actually insane. Should help you make your collection that much richer. Here's some examples. Open each in own tab to compare.
  9. I was wondering if you can change the blur amount on the backgrounds of Big Box like you can in Launch Box? It's just that some box art for some games are really low resolution (like some MSX games for example), and they look a bit shit blown up in the background. It would be nice to blur them a bit so it looks more seemless. I'm using the criticalzone theme in Big Box. Is there a value I can edit in some ini/xml file or whatever to change that?
  10. Do all of these have video snaps as well? Thats crazy if so.
  11. For PEGI and CERO I just used the equivalent in ESRB. For example for CERO A/PEGI 3-7 games I used E for Everyone etc. If you go in to the edit menu you can add your own rating system by simply typing it in and it will be created automatically, similar to developers and publishers. I'm not sure where you would put the rating badge images. I'm not sure where the ESRB rating images are stored in the Launch Box folder either.
  12. God is there anything this program can't do? Thanks a lot! So does send and sleep control exactly how long and what order the keys are pressed in I'm assuming?
  13. I was wondering if this will ever be implemented into Launch Box and Big Box since it would be very handy. Also do you think a transparent pause menu would be possible? As in you can see the game paused in the background? It would just make it look that much better, though I know it's not important. And the ability to map the save/load game command to emulators that don't normally support it in the pause menu (like ePSXe, mapping Save State to F1 and Load State to F3, for example). Thanks.
  14. I have downloaded 6,500 MAME snaps from Progetto, and while they are clear quality for the most part, there's quite a few that are laggy and are badly skewed in the launchbox video window. I'm wondering if there's a place that has clear MAME snaps that run at a high framerate. I don't even mind some being 30fps as long as they aren't jerky. Also C64 snaps would be helpful too, been looking about and can't find loads of them. Thanks in advance!
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