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  1. I use VICE x64 for C64 emulation and for the most part it works fine. However I have a problem with some games such as Creatures 1&2 and Another World, among others. The games hang after the trainer intros. It seems to be only games with trainers that hang, and games that were made in the 90's that push the hardware more. I first thought it was a compatability problem but i've seen other people running the Creatures games on VICE, so I know it can work. Is there a setting in VICE that I might have to turn on or off to get these games to boot properly? I know this may not be the best forum to ask this, but I figured you may have a solution? Thanks.
  2. Great! I meant more bigbox based settings anyway. I expected there not to be emulator specific settings. I'll try it out, thanks. And yeah, I hope it does use the home button because that seems like the only glaring omission at this point.
  3. Hello there. I have recently purchased the premium version of LaunchBox to gain access to BigBox and all of the customization options. And so far I love it! It pretty much covers everything I'd want in a frontend. The only thing I found that is missing (or that I haven't yet come across) is a home menu that overlays the game and gives you options to quit, or adjust some basic options on the fly. If this feature does exist, is there a way to map this function to the PS/Xbox home buttons? It's just that I want this setup completely TV friendly with minimal use of the mouse and keyboard (apart from DOS/Amiga/C64 stuff of course).
  4. Ah yeah thank you! While im here could you tell me if there's a way to display missing metadata by bulk instead of having to edit each game and find the ID, then press ok? Because I reimported the C64 roms and found that while the images are still on my harddrive, the metadata is not displaying for them. I have to edit, then find the ID for every single one before the information will show. Also, the majority of my MAME titles don't have displayed metadata too, even if they are displaying images. Thanks.
  5. @Zombeaver Hiya, I watched your fs-uae launchbox video tutorial and managed to get some WHDLoad folders working via your methods. Thank you! But I'm having a problem with some games not working due to them using an A600 kickstart by default instead of the A1200 (which seems to work with everything). I do have the A600 rom, but it is ghosted out in the selection menu. I even tried the amiga forever essentials roms (which I purchased) and still the A600 rom is ghosted out. This would be fine if I could simply set the affected games to A1200 and save the settings, but I don't know how to save the settings for each game. Can't see anything that lets me do that. Can you do that with the database games? Or if not then what rom sets would you suggest so that the A600 rom is usable (or what did you use?) Thanks again.
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