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Going through screenshots (fullscreen) with mousewheel causes random return to main GUI


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Not a big deal but annoying.  With all builds since at least 11.4. using the desktop LB whenever I go through the fullscreen screenshots with the mousewheel it randomly returns to the main LB GUI (desktop interface) instead of staying in the screenshots.  It doesn't matter which theme I use (Default or old theme). Anyone else have this issue?

Edited to add: just wanted to mention that it happens with keyboard cursor/page up cursor/page down shortcuts too so not just a mouse wheel issue.  Something from the desktop GUI randomly steals focus when flipping through screenshots.


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Can someone test this for me?  I noticed it will even lose focus and snap back to the LB main desktop interface if I just open a screen shot after double-clicking it the Game Details panel and do nothing.  Sometimes it happens within a few seconds or up to a minute.  It can't be the mouse or keyboard causing it since just leaving a screenshot opened in LB's internal viewer in fullscreen can cause it.   I really want to know  if it's a problem with my Windows 10 installation or LB itself so I can stop chasing my tail.

Edited to add: I found the culprit.  It was a little app I started using a couple of weeks ago called Caffeine.  When enabled, It temporarily prevents the screen/screen saver/display/ from turning on/off when enabled by automatically pressing a key every minute or so.  So it wasn't a LB issue after all. 


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