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  1. I have a huge collection of roms & media on HyperSpin from several years ago but I like Launchbox more. Is there any program or app that helps transfer my Hyperspin stuff to Launchbox? Just thought I'd asked
  2. Was going to order this today until I learned PayPal is not accepted. Surprised to learn this since PayPal even accepted emumovies and they even charged my PP account for a yearly renewal without my authorization.
  3. Found the solution to my own problem: I used X-Mouse Button Control to assign Page Up/Down keys to my mouse wheel. Works a treat. It was a big deal too because it makes things much easier to scroll through nearly 400 games in my collection.
  4. Just wanted to comment that I've only started using the free version of LB with 10.6 a few days ago but already I'm finding it very useful and convenient for cataloging my huge collection of PC/Windows games. I still use HyperSpin for all my emulators and roms which took me 3-4 years to configure just right lol but ironically HyperSpin is now launched within LB. My Launchbox got auto-updated to 10.7 today and already I'm noticing it's noticeably faster in scrolling down my rather large collection in Box Front view. Good work to the developer. I may just get the premium version soon but am grateful that even the free version allows excellent cataloging of my collection
  5. Really liking version 10.7 (free edition), seems much snappier than the previous build, but are there any themes available for free versions or is that allowed only for premium? Wish there was a way to put the search field at the bottom so it's always visible. in the normal non-Big Box version..
  6. I've been using various joysticks and different controllers since the age of Atari 2600, and the best, most useful and durable one I've ever purchased was a simple Sony DualShock DS4 controller (CUH-ZCT2 bluetooth version). Combined with recent builds of DS4Windows it's pretty much unbeatable for the price. I always buy an extra one when they're on sale for around $25 (USD). I've owned Xbox 360/XBOne controllers, along with Sony DS3 controllers, and this thing is supreme, imo. Much prefer the ergonomic shape and feel over the Xbox controllers too. Just be sure not to get a cheap chinese counterfeit one and you'll be golden. In fact, I even have a new Gold DS4 controller in storage for backup. Hehe.
  7. Hi. New version of LB (10.7) runs faster than ever but I did get this error when I tried to scrap Control media with the Steam Scraper. Just thought I'd post it here in the event it's helpful to someone. Otherwise still seems to work fine. Thanks to the developer for such a great, useful scraper.
  8. I use LaunchBox to catatlog and launch all my Windows/PC games (300+) which are spread over three different drives (no games are stored inside my LaunchBox folder). The way I did this was to drag and drop windows .lnk shortcuts to the various game exes into LB's main window. Launchbox worked fine doing this and games launch normally. But I now want to move my Launchbox setup to a different drive with more space. When I tested this, none of the games launched, and I got the missing games error. Once I moved LB back to the original drive, things were normal again. How can I migrate LB to a different drive and have it behave normally in launching games??
  9. I have the latest build of LB for Windows (free version). All My PC games (300+) are set to display. Is it possible scroll through them one full page at a time using my mouse's scroll-wheel? I have my mouse software set to do one page at a time but LB still scrolls incrementally.
  10. Hi. Sorry if this is a newbie 101 question. I'm able to download Steam info and screenshots from this Steam Scraper but no video shows up in the right Info panel. I can see the videos that this app downloads in my \LaunchBox\Videos\Windows folder but they don't show up in that right pane. Do I need the premium version of LaunchBox or something?
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