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MAME button mapping trouble...


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Okay, before I begin, I would like to note that yes, I am aware that I SHOULD be asking this on the Retroarch forums. However their registration seems to be borked as it has been several hours since I tried to register and I have received no verification e-mail(yes, I double-checked to make sure it's the right e-mail address AND checked my spam folder) despite several requests to resend it.

Rather than wait for something that may or may not come given the situation, I decided to ask here since someone might know the answer or can at least direct me to where it's been answered before.

So on to my issue.


I recently rebuilt the PC in my arcade cabinet and have suddenly started having issues with my MAME2016 ROMs, all of which worked on the old build, but now some(many of them my favorite games to play on MAME) do not. All of these games run fine if I use the MAME2010 core (MAME2015 core has the same issues as 2016, and any other MAME core will fail to load anything) instead, but here is where the weirdness comes in.

Retroarch/MAME2010 will not map my buttons correctly. It will put ALL game inputs onto a single button, and sometimes even moves the jump or attack buttons for some games to the joystick inputs. I can't figure out why, and the MAME menu(when I press tab on my keypad) won't let me change any buttons mapping either.

I can't find a thread about anyone suffering from this specific problem, so I have yet to find a fix. Any and all help is appreciated.

System specs:

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

NVidia GT1030

16GB DDR4-3000 RAM

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