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Steam Platformers on Arcade Cabinets


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I'm planning my first cabinet, and I've been thinking about what games I'd like to play on it. I'm was just curious if anyone has tried to play Ori and the Blind Forest, or Ori Will of the Wisps on an 8 button arcade cabinet. I think it would play pretty well on there, but I wasn't sure.

If someone could post a video with a little bit of a review on what it's like to play those games on their cabinet, I'd really love to watch it.

Also, what PC games do you recommend for cabinets? I was thinking about some of the racing games, like Dirt or Need for Speed would probably be good. Platformers, Metroidvania, and that was all I was really considering. But I'd love to see your videos of PC games you're playing on your cabinets. How do the buttons translate from an XBOX/PS4 controller to those big ol' arcade buttons?

Another one I think would be neat to play would be the first Dungeon Defenders game (wasn't as much of a fan of the second one).

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Any game that uses digital input will work on an arcade cabinet. That basically means D-pad on a modern controller. An arcade stick is the same as that.

If something needs analogue input i.e. one or both of the sticks, then that will either not work or be a sub-standard experience.

e.g. Nex Machina. Although it's a modern update of Robotron 2084, it's made to use the twin analogue sticks (or mouse and keyboard, although I find that heinous for this game) so wouldn't work on 2 digital arcade sticks like the original Robotron (or Smash TV, Total Carnage etc.)

I have  dedicated vertical arcade that I built myself which I use to play golden age arcade games and shmups through the years on. Modern ones I play are Danmaku Unlimited 3, Crimson Clover World Ignition, many of the CAVE games (Mushihimesama, DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu (sp?)), Blue Revolver etc. All of these will adapt to horizontal screens i.e. play area will be slightly smaller but nice background to fill in the sides instead of leaving black bars.

Platformers, as long as they use digital controls, are a good idea. I've seen Nidhogg done on a cabinet and that was pretty cool.

I can't imagine any driving game being playable, since you'd need analogue controls to play them.

Most buttons on modern controllers may well be pressure sensitive, but no-one ever uses them like that, so would translate fine. Depends on whether you need to hold combinations of buttons though (e.g. holding bumpers with face buttons) and whether that would feel okay on a flat surface.

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