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  1. Does that mean I have to reconfigure each game? Or can I migrate settings from the Play Store version?
  2. I'm running into issues on my Retroid Pocket 3+ with launchbox and AetherSx2, I'm using the play store version, and it sounds like that's broken now. What version of AetherSx2 should I be looking for?
  3. I'm planning my first cabinet, and I've been thinking about what games I'd like to play on it. I'm was just curious if anyone has tried to play Ori and the Blind Forest, or Ori Will of the Wisps on an 8 button arcade cabinet. I think it would play pretty well on there, but I wasn't sure. If someone could post a video with a little bit of a review on what it's like to play those games on their cabinet, I'd really love to watch it. Also, what PC games do you recommend for cabinets? I was thinking about some of the racing games, like Dirt or Need for Speed would probably be good. Platformers, Metroidvania, and that was all I was really considering. But I'd love to see your videos of PC games you're playing on your cabinets. How do the buttons translate from an XBOX/PS4 controller to those big ol' arcade buttons? Another one I think would be neat to play would be the first Dungeon Defenders game (wasn't as much of a fan of the second one).
  4. Just tested it myself, and it works perfectly with that one thing changed. I can't believe it was such a simple fix. Now I'm curious if I can change the clock to a 12hr format lol. Thank you so much for figuring this out for me, that really made my day.
  5. You're amazing, thank you, I'll give that a try when I jump back on that computer. Hopefully it works.
  6. I might, but I'm trying to re-create it to match what it was before. I liked that the screen was able to move around depending on the display like that. I've simultaneously been working on fixing the original theme to work with the new version of LB/BB, and I've made some good progress, but I'm getting this stupide blocked DLL error, and I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it still thinks the file is blocked. The unblock checkbox doesn't appear in properties, I've written a powershell script to unblock everything in that directory, but still LB thinks they're blocked. Outside of that, the theme doesn't crash BigBox anymore, and everything appears to be in working order, except for video playback. So I think I'm getting closer to fixing this theme. I had to go back to an earlier version of the theme and start working up from there. May not finish this today, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making. If anyone has a suggestion for how to fix the DLL being blocked, let me know. The PowerShell script I wrote for it is: Read-Host -Prompt "Path of Blocked File" -OutVariable _BlockedFile; get-childitem $_BlockedFile | unblock-file -confirm I was thinking that, if I get this theme patched, I could upload it with the .ps1 file to make it easier for people to unblock them.
  7. Okay, I've been playing around with the Community Theme Creator, and it's been a little difficult to work with, but I'm making progress. Currently, I'm running into an issue with the platform videos not lining up correctly for each platform. I don't know how to have the position be unique per platform so that they align with the screens correctly.
  8. How do you use the fake roms list? I've generated it, but I'm not sure how to use it to populate a library of games.
  9. Where is this Community Theme Creator? I'd love to give this a try.
  10. Could you give more info about the cabinet, I really like what you did with this whole build. I'm planning on doing my first cabinet, and I wanted to see what bits you got and where.
  11. The CoinOP theme is similar, I wonder if there would be a way to modify that one to look more like Nostalgia. I have some development experience, but haven't had time to learn how to do themes yet, maybe I can figure out a way to create a spiritual successor of some kind.
  12. That's unfortunate. I hope the creator is okay, and is able to implement a fix, this has been an amazing theme. Do you know which file(s)/directories I can pull from the old installation that will make it work on the new computer? Part of me really doesn't want to copy the whole directory.
  13. I'm getting these 2 errors when I apply the theme: Could not load type 'Meta.Vlc.Wpf.VlcPlayer' from assembly 'Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=97d6238f04304129'. App: Big Box Version: 11.8 Type: System.TypeLoadException Site: Void .ctor(Boolean) Source: Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7 at Ao.Bigbox.Utils.Media.MediaPlayer_VLC..ctor(Boolean hwDecodingEnabled) at Ao.Bigbox.Utils.Media.MediaPlayerFactory.CreateMediaPlayer(MediaPlayerImpl impl) at Ao.Bigbox.Utils.Media.MediaPlayerFactory.CreateMediaPlayer(MediaPlayerImpl impl) at Ao.Bigbox.Controls.MediaTrack.ConfigMediaPlayer(Boolean loaded) at Ao.Bigbox.Controls.MediaTrack.<.ctor>b__6_0(Object o, RoutedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.EventRoute.InvokeHandlersImpl(Object source, RoutedEventArgs args, Boolean reRaised) at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEventImpl(DependencyObject sender, RoutedEventArgs args) at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEvent(RoutedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.BroadcastEventHelper.BroadcastEvent(DependencyObject root, RoutedEvent routedEvent) at System.Windows.BroadcastEventHelper.BroadcastLoadedEvent(Object root) at MS.Internal.LoadedOrUnloadedOperation.DoWork() at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.FireLoadedPendingCallbacks() at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.FireInvokeOnRenderCallbacks() at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.RenderMessageHandlerCore(Object resizedCompositionTarget) at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.RenderMessageHandler(Object resizedCompositionTarget) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler) Recent Log: 5:23:19 PM Exception and Could not load type 'Meta.Vlc.Wpf.VlcPlayer' from assembly 'Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=97d6238f04304129'. App: Big Box Version: 11.8 Type: System.TypeLoadException Site: Void Dispose(Boolean) Source: Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7 at Ao.Bigbox.Utils.Media.MediaPlayer_VLC.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at Ao.Bigbox.Utils.Media.MediaPlayer_VLC.Finalize() Recent Log: 5:23:50 PM Exception It works fine on my old installation, but I just got a new computer to play on, and when I extracted the files to the Themes folder (and unblocked the files) of the fresh installation, I'm getting these errors. I also reported the issue on the Luanchbox Bitbucket page: Issue 5818 This is my favorite theme for Launchbox/Big Box, I'm hoping there's a simple fix I'm mising here.
  14. I actually don't remember if I got it to work or not, I've been using the Nvidia Shield TV as my emulation box lately, but I'll try to remember to check it out when I get home.
  15. @RetroNi Those look awesome!!! I just now saw your 3D boxes. They rock!
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