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Weird behavior around consolidated sets and updating


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Preface this with I am one of those guys who tries to get all roms for a set and pass clear mame dats...

I have two scenarios here, but both involve the same overall procedure.

  1. An update to the dat happens, I update and clean my set using clear mame
  2. I run "Scan for removed ROMs"
  3. I run "Scan for added ROMs"

For the first scenario, let's say the update was to the second rom (so NOT the parent). So in this case, let's just say that the "(Japan)" at the end of the file name was updated to "Japan2)" for some reason. In this case, when we scan for removed roms, it finds and removes the old rom. Then when I scan for new roms, the rom is re-found and added. I have to do a consolidate step, but no biggie. All seems to be working.

For the second scenario, let's say the update was to the first rom (so the parent). Same idea... (USA) -> (USA2). Now when I remove, it get's removed like before. But when I scan for new roms, the renamed rom is not found.

The net result is that when doing updates of sets, I have no choice but to not trust the "scan removed/added" process. I have had to resort to deleting the entire platform from Launchbox and then re-adding it. This is a relatively slow process if you have all the media options turned on and it destroys any data about number of plays or changes I have made information.

Am I not doing the update right, meaning is there another series of steps I should be doing to get these sets clean in Launchbox when doing a full set update? Or is this a bug?


Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 12.56.20 PM.png

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