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ScummVM exit key AHK and Daphne lag on exit


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Hey guys,

I am cleaning up the last few issues I have with my arcade cab and these two emu's have been giving me some issues, hoping someone on here has some fixes or can point me in the right direction.

ScummVM - requires Alt+F4 to exit emu.  Any way to change this to exit?  Can an AHK send ALT+F4 when pressing ESC for this emu?

Daphne - when exiting, the app hangs for like 30 seconds, video is frozen but I can still hear audio running.  after that 30 seconds, i am back to LB.  Running games directly thru Daphne Loader, games ext cleanly as expected.

Thanks all!

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i have scumm all sorted out.

daphne is still giving me exit issues; video freezes, audio keeps playing and finally 30 seconds later it exits proper.  there is nothing in the log that points to any kind of error.

anyone else run into this?

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