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  1. just to report back, i tried it all, renamed the image to the platform name, that wasn't it (and I have plenty of images in the "Banner" folder for a platform with crazy names and they show fine) i tried refreshing ALL the image caches, nothing. i then found a "cache-BB" folder and in that folder was the bad image on the wrong platform. so i copied the correct image from the correct folder, put it into this cache folder, renamed it to what the cache name was and bingo! no idea what was happening here but it just hated that image... EDIT: Good Lord this is weird. my above workaround worked, until i refreshed the cache images and then it reverted back to the wrong image, EVEN THOUGH the correct image was in the platform/banner folder. so i did my work around again and for those two images, i changed the file properties to "read only" and now the image is sticking.
  2. i thought of a renamer, i'll give it a shot!
  3. hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post about banner box theme issue i am having. i have two platforms that no matter what i do, i cant update the blade. i have put the correct image in the LB/images/platforms/nec pc engine CD/banner folder and within LB, the image shows in the right hand side info window. but when i go into BB, the image that is showing is for the turbografx cd. same thing is happening for my wiiware platform, the wii banner is showing, even though the wiiware banner is in the folder. and yes, within BB, I have refreshed the cache, each individual section and even all images. this isn't user error (i dont thnk) in that i have updated a bunch of banners and they all are showing correctly. you can see in the image "folder", the path to the image and the image itself is of the pc engine CD. in the "LB" image, you can see pc engine cd selected to the left and all the way to the right, you can see the correct pc engine cd image. but the banner in BB is of the turbo CD... this one is driving me nuts guys!
  4. LB is great, it found all my amiga stuff and matched up art even with the version number after the game title, e.g. "AlienBreed v1.3 0998" but the games still who up in my game list with the version number. is there anyway to get LB to ignore that extra text? thanks!
  5. awesome, thank you guys! curious, if i only have two banners at the top level, can i get it to just show two instead of the two duplicated over and over to fill the screen?
  6. hey cbeats, thanks for the response. i’m at work and will give it a shot when i get home. sp would i go into the big box theme? not sure what you meant with “theme them to NOT wrap around” thanks again!
  7. is it possible to not wrap around back to the start of a menu/wheel? i have a box set up where the top level are girlfriends games and another banner for my games. but this two banners repeat across the whole screen. i think if i could turn off a wrap around, that might fix it? thanks!
  8. the arcade categories seems to be missing "CGD Required" and "Vertical games" curious if anyone can take a stab at 'em? sorry, i have zero design skills to try myself I also have a request, I'll send you $20 if you want to do one banner... I have a playlist under handhelds for Nintendo Handhelds. Anyone want to make $20 and come up with a playlist banner? Thanks for reading!
  9. first release note, sort platforms by different options? all of my platforms got reordered. not sure what happened. i even went in and tried renaming them numerically, 010, 020, 030, etc. and that is still not doing anything. keep up the great work guys!
  10. i have successfully added game pass, app opens, i can use my xbox controller to navigate and select. in LB, i can even quit with my quit shortcut, select+start. but when i launch game pass in BB, the quit command no longer works. any thoughts?
  11. so i'm trying to create a banner for my girlfriend. i tried the creator but i am completely lost. watched the YT video and am lost. anyone willing to help create one? just looking for basic white text on black background "Delia's Games" thanks all!
  12. i’m a design less person, don’t have a creative eye maybe the pic of dana plato from the cover of night trap as the primary image? i dunno
  13. i’m so not a creator, was wondering if anyone would want to tackle a banner request? looking for a FMV banner. i know very niche but hoping someone could help? thought is to add all FMV games and the. for each game, select the custom platform.
  14. d8thstar

    sega cd 32x

    only bump, any thoughts?
  15. ok got it working. if anyone else runs into the issue, i imported skipping clones, even though LB has recommended next to import clones. after that, all good
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