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  1. this one is driving me nuts! singe 2.o, laser disc games, i'll use dragons lair 2 as my example. i only want to use JoyToKey when starting the app and to quit it when the app is closed. if i MANUALLY start joyToKey and then launch the DL2.BAT, everything works. when i add the joytokey.exe to dragon lairs "additional apps" and then start the game, the j2k app loads (it is in the task bar) but the joystick does nothing. this is really odd, the app works fine when starting manually. i have also tried the below code in a AHK script as my additional app. it starts but the gam
  2. Hi all, Trying to jump this singe 2 hurdle. i have evrything running with bats just fine but i need to be able to launch joytokey when the app starts (I can add that to the game bats just fine and it works) but then I need to be able to quit joy2key when exiting the game. the only way i know how to do this is on the emu level with AHK and the "running autohotkey script" option for the emu
  3. i've had this issue for a while, when exiting Daphne, the video pauses for about 30 seconds while the audio still plays, it then exits as expected back to LB. This behavior does NOT happen in Daphne launcher by itself. I turned on logging and there is an error but I have no idea what it means. can anyone help? 2021-06-10 11:09:44 AM DataManager.SaveInternal started. 2021-06-10 11:09:44 AM Saving InputBindings.xml... 2021-06-10 11:09:45 AM Saving ListCache.xml... 2021-06-10 11:09:45 AM Saving Settings.xml... 2021-06-10 11:09:46 AM Saving BigBoxSettings.xml... 2021-06-10
  4. Thank you so much! I'll report back this evening, fingers crossed!
  5. hi all, Naomi is next on my list. I can import the rom folder but then I am left with a ton of alternate versions that I need to manually go thru and either hide or remove from the platform. Is there an easier way of doing this? the way LB handles mame clones is is brilliant (having clones listed on the parent rom as a drop down to select it) but that is accomplished with the mame.xml, something Naomi doesn't have. any thoughts ion a clean import? if not, i'll just need to go thru the list and manually edit. thanks!
  6. it killed teh emulator, joytokey still running. this is a weird one!
  7. ok, got that working. but now i cant get joytokey to close at app exit. i have this bat file that works when attached to a rom file. but when i try the code at exit for the emu, it doesn't kill joytokey, odd! run taskkill /F /im JoyToKey.exe
  8. sorry to bring up an old post but this is exactly what i am trying. my bat file will kill joytokey by rom. but the above won't kill joytokey when exiting the emu
  9. i’ll give that a shot, thanks for the advice!
  10. apologies in resurrecting an old thread but this is exactly what i needed. is there a way to launch joy2key emu wide instead of by individual games? thanks!
  11. is it possible to launch a pre app by emulator instead of by game? i have an emu that i always want to start the same app before the emu starts. i see where to do it by game, would like to do it by emu. thanks!
  12. finaly got it working on this end! thanks so much for the script!
  13. i've tried the below, doesn't seem to work. I'm just looking for a very simple, click "n", send left mouse click. i'm putting this under the manage emu, "ruuning autohotkey script" but it doesn't seem to work. fyi, trying this for american laser games running singe 2.0. trackball is working fine as the mouse cursor, and an actual mouse left click shoots, but i want to map to one of my arcade buttons. maybe it's because games start with a bat? i dunno, any help is appreciated. this is what i've tried (along with many similar alternatives) n::click
  14. i'm sure this is more of an LEDblinky issue but thought I'd ask here since LB devs seem to think of everything and maybe there is a work around within LB? i can't seem to get proper button lights to light up when starting a game that has a launcher. within lb, if i highlight l;ets say a "Pop Cap" game, LED blinky lights up the buttons i set up for the default of that "emul;ator" in LEDblinky. but since the game isn't actually a rom of Pop Cap, when I start a game, that games specific exe launches and LEDblinky lights go off. another example of this is teknoparrot games wher
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