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  1. where does the qsound_hle.zip file go then? i tried dropping in the rom folder, still getting the same error.
  2. d8thstar

    loading screen?

    hi guys, curious if LB has a “now loading” screen with a progress bar? i moved over from hs and thankful i did but i do miss the progress bar which was pretty accurate, especially when you are unzipping a large image on the fly. some of these later games, especially TP, can take a while to know and a progress bar makes you aware something is happening. anyway, just curious. as always keep up the great work!!
  3. by no means am i rich but i do understand and appreciate the response. i’ll open a feature request and and keep my fingers crossed
  4. curious if the devs are open to cold hard cash i did t want to just open a feature request ticket cause the request would probably be pretty unique to my case (option to use a third screen to display users choice {manual, box art, etc}) simce i figure very few would use this feature… hence the curiosity of paid feature. keep up the great work guys!
  5. nope, sorry if i wasn’t clear. i used to have all wbfs files for wii games. and launch box points to this wbfs’s as that’s what was imported. ihave since zipped them up so they are all now 7z files. we’ll launchbox is still looking for the wbfs. i can go into games individually and change the file extension to 7z. but is there a way to bulk change that extension?
  6. decided to zip up all my wii games. currently i’m set by calling to the rom, ROMNAME.wbfs is it possible to bulk change the extension to 7z?
  7. i like the classic controller text underneath. i am using city hunter, any chance you can use the logos as pictured? in addition to wii, also looking for wii ware with classic controller.
  8. i created a lightgun playlist that has all LG games across all platforms. thing is, now a game like mad dog mcree is listed a bunch of times, once for each platform. is it possible to have the game only listed once and when you select it, you get a sub menu with the different platforms you can select from to launch?
  9. hey guys. if i knew graphics apps i’d do it myself…. i’m adding nintendo wii but would like to add a second “platform” or playlist for nintendo wii classic controller games. anyone willing to do wheel art for that? willing to send a few bucks your way for the assist. im thinking the standard wii wheel art with “classic controller” written under the logo or even an image of the controller. or whatever you graphically capable people think would look nice. as always, thanks for any help!
  10. this board is awesome but it always makes me feel like an idiot thanks man for your help, sorry i missed that!
  11. awesome but oddly it doesnt show in my bulk drop down menu.
  12. i tried all that but unfortunately, the game screen is black but i can hear it running inthe background. in order to get my sinden lightgun border to show, i have to run my bat as is with that timeoput command befgore the emu actually starts. if tehre is a way to additional apps and force them to run completely before the actual app strts, that may work...
  13. hi all, for model 2 lightgun games, i am launching the games with a BAT file so that the lightgun software launches and it turns off my second monitor. when i hit ESC to exit, the emu just goes from fullscreen to a window. what can i put in my bat file that will close the emu when i hit escape? any help is appreciated! here is my BAT: Start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionCommand.exe" -monitorloadprofile "onemonitor" start S:\Tools\SindenLightgunSoftwareReleaseV1.06beta\SindenLightgunWindowsSoftwareV1.06\SindenLightgun\Lightgun.exe -autostart timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul Start /wait "" emulator_multicpu.exe - bel Start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionCommand.exe" -monitorloadprofile "leftright" start "" taskkill.exe /F /im Lightgun.exe
  14. well nevermind. i decided to make a duplicate of mame, specifically for lightgun games, added that as a new emu and then added my bat file lines top the autohotkey startup for the emu, all good now
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