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I did an AI upscale of a clear logo (I think). Could these be used in place of low-res uploads?


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Hi! I've been working on a wiki that acts as a dedicated database for documenting all the different versions and ports of any given game, with the goal of assisting people in choosing which version to play (sounds weird, I know, but I've been having fun researching so many games). I bring this up because, for each game's page on the wiki, I'm including the front covers (one for each version) and clear logo of the games. I tend to use this database for them, especially when the game is obscure and the Launchbox db is somehow the only place google can find with a transparent logo (awesome work on that end). However, something I've noticed is that, at least via google images, the uploads, particularly of the clear logos, can be low res. They tend to be 400px wide and about half the height (they also usually leave extra whitespace as well, so the logos themselves are actually smaller), as well as heavily pixelated.



I wondered if there was a way to somehow enhance these photos, but I'm a 15 year old that can't use Photoshop for the life of him so I had to try something else. That's when I thought about AI upscaling. Didn't know how to do that either, but I looked into it. To make a long story slightly less long, I found this program called "Cupscale" which I believe acts as a frontend for a super-resolution toolbox. I ran this image through using some different pretrained models and I think the results look really nice.

Comparisons (left is original):


My purpose in making this post is to ask if these upscaled variants would be applicable for uploading to the DB. While I think they're fine, I know some people may not agree and feel that these versions aren't "authentic" enough. Also, if the modified versions are acceptable, any other ideas for restoring images like these? Anyways, sorry for the long post, I just thought this was kind of interesting and was wondering how others felt. Thanks for reading, and I wish the best for you all ?

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