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  1. Ok, so these two are a little weird. The first one (the one with the girl) was released across like six or seven disks. That said, the part I think we're looking for is the part of the logo hovering over the girl (not the "Kapitel2" part). For the other one, we actually already have a logo for it, but it's from the disk rather than the box art. It's kinda odd to say the least. So I though having the box logo would be a good alternative. My gratitude to anyone up to the task.
  2. Alright, I'm gonna try doubling up this time. If I'm not allowed to than feel free to remind me. Also, I've gathered a decent list of logos that I couldn't find anywhere online, so if anyone wants to take a stab at them, feel free to let me know.
  3. dang, that was fast. So, I can just submit images here at any time? If so, then here's my next one
  4. Never made a request on this thread, so I hope I'm doing it right. I couldn't find a logo for the Elite Missions variant of this game, so I thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in taking a shot at cutting it out
  5. GAMEPLAY TIME TRACKEEEEEEER LESGO! Performance improvements would also be nice, particularly when the program is running in the background ?
  6. Hi! I've been working on a wiki that acts as a dedicated database for documenting all the different versions and ports of any given game, with the goal of assisting people in choosing which version to play (sounds weird, I know, but I've been having fun researching so many games). I bring this up because, for each game's page on the wiki, I'm including the front covers (one for each version) and clear logo of the games. I tend to use this database for them, especially when the game is obscure and the Launchbox db is somehow the only place google can find with a transparent logo (awesome work on that end). However, something I've noticed is that, at least via google images, the uploads, particularly of the clear logos, can be low res. They tend to be 400px wide and about half the height (they also usually leave extra whitespace as well, so the logos themselves are actually smaller), as well as heavily pixelated. Example: I wondered if there was a way to somehow enhance these photos, but I'm a 15 year old that can't use Photoshop for the life of him so I had to try something else. That's when I thought about AI upscaling. Didn't know how to do that either, but I looked into it. To make a long story slightly less long, I found this program called "Cupscale" which I believe acts as a frontend for a super-resolution toolbox. I ran this image through using some different pretrained models and I think the results look really nice. Comparisons (left is original): My purpose in making this post is to ask if these upscaled variants would be applicable for uploading to the DB. While I think they're fine, I know some people may not agree and feel that these versions aren't "authentic" enough. Also, if the modified versions are acceptable, any other ideas for restoring images like these? Anyways, sorry for the long post, I just thought this was kind of interesting and was wondering how others felt. Thanks for reading, and I wish the best for you all ?
  7. There have been a few instances where I accidentally upload the wrong file or didn't edit it before submitting. Problem is that I can't cancel the change and have to wait for it to be declined before I can submit the corrected file. Could there be an option to cancel pending submissions to save time for both uploaders and moderators? (Image is an example)
  8. Hello! I have a few questions about the "Play Mode" field. On LaunchBox, the 5 default options I see are: Single-Player Multiplayer Cooperative 2-Player Alternating 2-Player Simultaneous From what I understand, games on the database can only be marked as the first three listed, and anything marked as "Cooperative" is also marked as "Multiplayer" (which makes sense I guess). So, what's the point of the 2-Player options? Or, better question, why aren't they part of the database? Seeing as the "Max Players" options exists, these seem redundant. Also, why not just have "Cooperative" and something like "Versus" or "Competitive"? That way, coop games don't also have to be marked as multiplayer. Tl;dr, I'd like to propose the following as default play modes for simplicity, as well as incorporating a selector into the database for all modes: Single-Player Local Co-op Local Versus, Local Competition, Local PVP, something along those lines Alternating Online Co-op (Namely for pc games, not really thinking netplay) Online Vs (Or something like that) MMO (Debatable but I thought I'd list it)
  9. Hi! I'm new to Big Box, coding, and forum posting, so please forgive any errors I may make. Lately, I've been working on combining views from different themes to make my own personal theme with a variety of views. My main focuses right now are the "TextGamesView" and the "WheelGamesView". From my understanding, the Text View is the base view used for the Game Menu (the one where you launch the game etc) and is switched to in every other view. In the Text View, I have it set to play a video in the background based on the game being shown. When I switch to the Game Menu, the video keeps playing as the only thing that changes is the vertical list, which goes from a list of games to the selected game's menu. However, when I enter the Game Menu on the Wheel View, the video starts from the beginning (it fades in). Worse, when I go back to the list of games, the video is stuck on the frame it was on when I entered the Game Menu (The second issue only occurs on VLC). Is there any way I can have the video continue playing when I enter the Game Menu, or is that not a possibility on views other than "TextGamesView"? If anything is not made clear and clarification is needed, please let me know! 23-10-2020 18.53.33.mp4
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