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Intermittent issue - Audio from preview video continues in background - even when choosing other games (even from other platforms)


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This is my first post here on the forums and I'm a fairly new user to LaunchBox/BigBox. I have a lot set up but one continuing issue I'm intermittently running into (specifically when using LaunchBox only) is that SOMETIMES the audio from the preview video continues to play in the background, even after I've selected a different game which has a different preview video. I have no other videos or audio playing from anywhere but from LaunchBox. So this is odd to have audio playing for the preview video for, say, San Francisco Rush on MAME, but I have selected Bushido Blade for PS1. Using this example, the video AND audio from the preview video of Bushido Blade however the audio will overlap with the audio that is "stuck" in the background.


In this example, I've tried going back to San Francisco Rush and replaying the video that appears to be stuck in the background. Unfortunately the video plays again and the audio over laps with the audio that is stuck in the background (in other words it's as if the video is playing twice because I can hear overlapping audio but I only see one video). The only solution to this is to quit LaunchBox or to mute my PC if I'm performing maintenance (such as updating metadata on multiple files).


I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 (version 2004 build 19041.928) and LaunchBox 11.11. 

Has anyone had this issue? Are there any steps I can take to troubleshoot this? Thank you!

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I've run into this issue, but mostly just when I'm doing some editing of files.  Sometimes, when you exit out of the editor for a game, the video seems to get "stuck" looping, and like you said the only way to stop it is to close LB and open it up again.  Lately, if I'm planning one doing alot of editing I just mute my speakers and ignore it because I know it's going to happen 100% of the time at some point during editing multiple things in the same session.  Unfortunately, I don't think there's any fix or work-around for this issue at this time,  I think it's been reported and attempted to be fixed, but it obviously hasn't been fixed yet, as I can reproduce it on each version of LB.  Like I said though, I don't let it bother me, I just turn of the speakers and do all my editing in one session if I can.

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Thanks a ton for the reply CDBlue. I'm just happy to hear I'm not the only one. As for what you described in experiencing this while editing games, that describes my experience as well. Thankfully it's a minor issue and not a show stopper. I certainly can live with it as the overall product is AMAZING!

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