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Remove double point ( : ) from the games names, and use arabian numbers instead of the roman ones


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Hi there,


I noticed that when I am adding games to launchbox it transform the game name using the " : " to introduce the subtitle.

For exambple: "star wars - rebels " became "star wars: rebel". The : is puted just right after the game name, resultin in changing the alphabetical order.

So I would like that all my entire gamelist all the double point ( : ) are being removed. How can I do that?


Another thing is that I want to change all the roman numbers in arabian one. For example in the final fantasy games are not listed by their chronological order, following the order of the letters ( IX, VI, VII, VI). How can I do that?


Thanks you all for the attention.

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While importing games, LaunchBox gets the names from its database which (mostly) contains the official names of the games. You could right click a game > Edit, and change the title. However if the chronological order of games is not displayed correctly, you can also enter a "sort title",  which you can use to sort games in any order you like. 



So to make it clear, if games are named: Game I, Game II, Game III, Game IV, etc. you can keep those names. But in the "Sort Title" enter: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, etc.. Then they will be displayed in that order.

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