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  1. Make sure that in emulator.ini you have specified the path to your model 2 rom folder. Then: Run, emulator_multicpu.exe hotd
  2. My PC didn't meet the requirements too. So I forced a Windows 11 install on the first day it came out, almost a year ago. I did not get a notification to update to 22H2 yet, and I may never will. But you can download an ISO from the Microsoft site and with a minor modification (create a dummy file) it will install.
  3. Try right clicking MK_AGP3_FINAL.exe > Properties > Compatibility > High DPI Settings > Check the checkbox "Override High DPI Scaling Behavior" and select "Application" or "System".
  4. In your screenshot you have not checked the CustomResolution checkbox. So Mariokart DX still runs in it's original resolution.
  5. I use Duckstation QT (updated to the latest version) myself and for me Duckstation goes fullscreen smoothly. In the Duckstation General Settings I have "Start Fullscreen" unchecked (I use the -fullscreen command-line parameter). Also I have "Enable Fullscreen UI" and "Render to Main Window" checked. In "Display Settings" I use the "Hardware (Vulkan)" renderer with a 9x (4K) resolution scale. For me Duckstation plays nice with the LaunchBox Startup Screens also, with "Hide all windows that are not in Fullscreen exclusive Mode" checked or unchecked. *edit* After some testing I found that with "Render to Main Window" unchecked I did get some distortion, so try checking that.
  6. You have set up Demul correctly in LaunchBox. You mean you have not imported the roms into LaunchBox? Anyway, you have to add the path to your roms and bioses to Demul itself as well. Open Demul > Config > Plugins and Paths > Roms and Bioses Paths > Add. *Edit* Seeing as your screenshot shows you want to play Sega Naomi games, these days the RetroArch Flycast core or Flycast stand-alone are better options than Demul.
  7. "How to hide the gui of duckstation and pcsx2 1.7" - For PCSX2 you can add the -nogui command-line parameter. And Duckstation has a no-gui version: duckstation-nogui-x64-ReleaseLTCG.exe - Or if you mean when you launch a game? In the case, in the emulators' settings check the "Start Fullscreen" checkbox (or use the -fullscreen command-line parameter). In LaunchBox > Tools > Manage > Emulators > Duckstation / PCSX2 > Startup Screen, enable and set up startup screens. - For exiting both emulators, in LaunchBox add the -batch command-line parameter. Just make sure that in the emulators' settings "Confirm Shutdown or Confirm Power Off " are unchecked. Both emulators can be closed with Escape without the need for an exit script.
  8. I don't have the complete ExoDOS. set. Just a curated list. But *I think* most games don't need to be installed. And DosBox-Pure auto-mounts disc 1 to D:\. This was a special case because The 7th Guest has 2 discs and the game needs to be installed. But great you got it working!
  9. For me going up to "MOUNT T7G2.cue" > "Enter" worked. Then scroll all the way down until you get to the d:\ (CD-Rom) files. Select the path with "install.exe" Then after the installation: (F1 is RetroArch Quick menu.) And finally:
  10. - First mount disc 2. - Select install.exe -Set T7G.bat to autostart. To go back to the Dosbox Pure file selection screen press F1 to go into the Quick Menu. Them Shift + Restart.
  11. Those are Xemu's command-line parameters. (The other Xbox emulator.) Not Cxbx Reloaded!
  12. Cxbx Reloaded has 2 executables: 1. cxbx.exe, doesn't need a command-line parameter. 2. cxbxr-ldr.exe, needs the /load command-line parameter. I think, for a gaming frontend option 2 is the best.
  13. As an alternative you could add cxbxr-ldr.exe to LaunchBox as the emulator, found in the Cbxbx Reloaded folder. Set it up with /load command-line parameter. cxbxr-ldr.exe does not load the Cxbx GUI and as such is easier to close.
  14. I simplified the script somewhat. Now you only have to put in the name of the game's executable. #NoEnv #SingleInstance #NoTrayIcon SendMode Input SetTitleMatchMode, 3 WinWait, ahk_exe game.exe ; change to the name of the executable of your game. WinGetTitle, WinTitle Sleep 1000 WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, %WinTitle% WinMaximize Sorry. I do not have that game. For me neither. But it doesn't give me issues. But keep in mind the following: - Sometimes you can set a custom resolution for a game in TeknoParrot. (Mario Kart DX) - Sometimes scaling issues can be fixed by right clicking the game's executable > Properties > Compatibility > tick "Override High DPI Scaling" and select "Application". - User resolution patched TeknoParrot games can be finicky. I myself only want the original .exe's. But you can try both. - Sometimes a script can't make a game go fullscreen properly. (At least I can't.) Below a screenshot for Mario Kart DX when you maximize the game window to 2160p with a script.
  15. Hi SrfrBoyBobby, I know you are responding to a previous comment and I do not even use marquees, but some of your remarks I recognize as problems I had to find solutions for myself. As far as I know you do not need to run TeknoParrot games as Admin. If I remember correctly you only needed to run Mario Kart DX as Admin for netplay. And I do not know if that's still a requirement. You can disable the UAC prompt for elevation in TeknoParrot\UserProfiles\MKDX.xml. Change: <RequiresAdmin>true</RequiresAdmin> to <RequiresAdmin>false</RequiresAdmin> I also run my TeknoParrot games windowed. But with an AutoHotKey script you can maximize the game window to fullscreen easily. It basically becomes a borderless fullscreen window. This is an example for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: #NoEnv #SingleInstance ;#NoTrayIcon SendMode Input SetTitleMatchMode, 3 WinWait, OpenParrot - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Export) - Nov 4 2010 14:01:12 Sleep 1000 WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, OpenParrot - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Export) - Nov 4 2010 14:01:12 WinMaximize So in TeknoParrot set up your game to run windowed and add an AutoHotKey script like this (but adjusted to your game) as an additional app to your game in LaunchBox. *Edit* To be clear, the script waits for the game window to open, strips the window decoration (border) and then stretches the game window to your monitor resolution. I believe this will solve the problem of your games changing monitor resolutions all the time.
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