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Hi all.

First of all, I want to thank Jason as well as the rest of the creators of Launchbox / Bigbox for giving us the opportunity to users to be able to choose in some way the future of this wonderful program.


I would also like to express my sadness at not seeing some options that are high on the wish list on Bitbucket and that have long been demanded by users.


Options such as being able to have other Scraper sources (second position on Bitbucket) or see related games from other platforms (fifth position on Bitbucket) are not found in this survey and I don't think they will ever be found.


It's a real shame, since I think these options would make Launchbox the frontend par excellence. Honestly, none of the options shown in this survey are of any interest to me, but I have decided to vote for the ones that seem less bad to me, even if they do not add anything to the frontend experience.


I understand that the options most demanded by users have a high cost of work and that is why they are not put in the surveys, but it really is what most users want to see in Launchbox and I am sure that many like me would pay more money to see them implemented if this were the problem.


Other options that are not so complex such as making the attraction mode not show certain platforms are not on the list either and although I am not a programmer I think that this would not be so complex to implement today by developers.


Anyway, I think I speak on behalf of many users when I say that I would like to see features that provide good and practical functionalities within Launchbox and not so much minimal tweaks.


Thanks again and good job.

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