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  1. Hi @Retro808!! It actually works as you say. For it to work, you need to close Launchbox with the panel open at the new size. In this way, it maintains its size. If you open the panel, resize and close the panel and reopen it, the size is not maintained. It's what was happening to me. I opened the panel, changed the size, closed the panel and when I reopened it did not keep the size. The trick has been to close Launchbox with the panel open and its new size, in this way if it saves the changes. Thank you very much for your help. Now I do think I have the perf
  2. Hi @Mister Slimm I see that you have a lot of skills to modify Launchbox themes. Would you be able to solve this problem?
  3. HI @Mister Slimm, still having some issues adding this line. I think LBPlex is not compatible with badges.... It's a shame because it's my favorite theme. I guess I'll have no choice but to change the theme if I want the badges. Thanks for your kindly help.
  4. Thank you so much @Mister Slimm, but seems LBPlex need more config to show the badges. I followed your instructions, but have a lot of exceptions when launch Launchbox. 🤒
  5. Hi @Mister Slimm, great work on this theme. Is there a tutorial on how to add the badgets function to a theme? I would really like to be able to do it for the LBPlex theme.
  6. No solution for this? It's not possible?
  7. Hi Neil, when I modify the size of the sidebar it is not saved. If I close the sidebar and reopen it it returns to the small size.
  8. Hi Neil, thank you very much for your reply. I know you can make the boxes bigger but I don't want to change their size. Right now I have them configured to fit 6 boxes in each row when the sidebar is closed, so if I make them bigger this will deform. I just want that when I open the sidebar its default size is wider, nothing more. All the best.
  9. Hello everybody. I use the LBPlex theme for my LaunchBox created by @Grila. For me it is the best Launchbox theme since it is very minimalist and simple. I think @Grila has stopped supporting this theme, since it has not released updates for some time. I would like to make a small modification to the theme, but I do not have enough knowledge to do it. In the main view of the game boxes, when you click on the icon to obtain detailed information about the game, a sidebar appears on the right side of the screen where you can see all the details of that game. This sidebar
  10. Hi @Grila!!! Will be new badges system supported? Thanks !!
  11. Thanks again, I saw this 2 post before posting, but there is no options to launch .chd games from Launchbox. Could be this is not possible.
  12. Thank you Neil9000, but the thing is what are the correct options to launch this chd games? This is what I can't find on the forum.
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to configure my Demul emulator to launch the Naomi games and I have managed to run the Naomi 1 games, but I can't get the Naomigd games to work. I have the folders of the games named correctly with the .chd inside, but when launching these games from Launchbox I only see the screen of game selection of Demul and the game is not launched. If I launch the game directly from Demul, everything works correctly. What is the correct configuration to launch the games in .chd format with Demul from Launchbox? Thanks for your help.
  14. I'm using this great theme. Will be updated to support latest Launchbox version with the new retroachievments menu? Thanks a lot for your effort!!!
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