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  1. Since the retroachievements option was activated again in Bigbox, it is impossible for me to access the details of the achievements since the cloudflare captcha appears and I cannot accept it in any way, since the mouse does not work within Bigbox. How can I accept the Retroachivements captcha from within Bigbox?
  2. Some of us are also hoping for something as simple as making some game lists not appear in attraction mode. I have had to deactivate attraction mode so that games that I don't want to appear or lists of magazines that don't even have videos don't appear. I hope that one day you can choose the list of games you want to appear in this attraction mode.
  3. Unfortunately this is a problem that I believe will never be solved. It seems that BigBox is designed to self-destruct itself little by little. It doesn't matter what theme you use, when you spend more than 15 minutes browsing the menus or entering and exiting a game, BigBox navigation becomes slow and stutters. The only solution is to exit completely and re-enter, but it doesn't take long for the problem to recur. I am clear that it is not a problem with my computer or the drivers, the BigBox system simply has a design flaw in this regard. I use other rom managers on my SteamDeck or Nintendo Switch and none of them have this usability problem. You can spend an entire afternoon browsing the menus and the system continues to work without problems. This is unfortunately impossible with BigBox. Years ago I thought it was a theme problem, but this also happens with the default theme so it is a design problem of the program itself.
  4. Indeed, by resizing the sidebar the problem disappears for that specific game, but it may then appear in a different one.
  5. Indeed, it seems that the problem has been minimized and now the games that cause the dance movement are less, but the problem still persists.
  6. Wonderfull!!!! Let's try it again!!!!
  7. Hello @C-Beats, indeed if you change the size of the sidebar for that specific game the problem is solved, but then the problem is reproduced in other games that did not have this problem before. There is no sidebar size that would fix the issue for the entire set of games. If the size is fixed for a specific game, you will break it for others that did not have the problem before. I know it's somewhat complicated and I'm not sure if it can be solved in any way. I hope that with some time you will find a way to fix this problem since there is no theme with better features than this today in my opinion. Thank you very much for your great work.
  8. After several weeks using this theme as the main theme in my system, it is impossible for me to continue doing it because of the flickering bug. The problem is not so much the flickering of the images in the sidebar, the problem is that while this happens Launchbox stays "locked" for the duration of the flickering, preventing even changing the game in the list. It is a real pity since in my opinion this is today the most complete theme and with the best features of all those that exist. I hope @C-Beats can find a solution to this problem.
  9. Daliant


    It has everything you can ask for in a theme. Just fantastic.
  10. Indeed, resizing the sidebar fixes the problem for that specific game but it keeps failing for others. I guess it depends on the size of the text or the rest of the elements that go just below the images. If they do not fit correctly, clipping begins.
  11. I am carrying out more tests and resizing the size of the boxes of the games a bit, the error seems to have disappeared. I guess it is something related to the size of the sidebar.
  12. Hi @C-Beats, I have found a small bug exploring some games in the right sidebar. As can be seen in the following video, when accessing some games the content flashes and the system freezes for a few seconds. I've noticed it happening on all systems and only some games. 2023-08-08 22-27-11.mkv
  13. Daliant


    After trying it I can only say that it is beautiful. My new default theme. Thank you for creating this marvel.
  14. Updated Translation for Spanish Language-es.zip
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