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  1. I downloaded the Launchbox setup from your message Jason. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences...
  2. gmail.com and another private domain that I have... Can I download the installer from another place? Tried now another time to download from the page with my gmail account, and not mail recived...
  3. Hi all, Wanted to download launchbox for a fresh install in a new PC, but email with download link is not arriving. I tried 2 different email accounts, but not luck. There is no email in my spam folder. Any solution to download Launchbox? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi @faeran. Tryied Critical Zone V2 theme and it works perfect on my system. Now the game list is very smooth and there are no slowdowns. Could be a problem with some new features (cache related) in BigBox not implemented yet on your theme? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi @faeran I've two questions: 1 - Could be possible implement list box scroll center plugin to the theme? 2 - Many times I have slowdowns when exploring the list of games. When you are navigating through the list, sometimes stop browsing for a few seconds (even if you are pushing the joystick up or down) and then start up again. I do not know if this is a problem of Launchbox / BigBox or the theme itself, but the truth is that it is quite annoying to be browsing the list of games and not running smoothly. Do you think it could be solved in some way? Thanks in advance and as always great job with this theme, for me is the best with difference.
  6. Hi all!! Trying to import a game (Age of empires definitive edition) to my Windows list on Launchbox and getting a "Catastrophic error". Only happens with this particular game. I'm trying to import the link to the game, as all the other games I have on Windows platform. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi!! I'm using text view on all my systems and have a little problem. In some systems the clear logo of the system that appears on the left (at top of the games list) not appearing. Some systems works fine but not in others. I have my systems clear logos for all my systems. Attached a screenshot to see what logo I'm talking about Thanks.
  8. Ok, changed UI cancel combination to (start + button 2) and now seems the problem is solved. The only thing is now I can't exit Mame with my general exit combination (select + button 2). This combination works on all other platforms, but now if I want exit mame need to use (start + button 2).
  9. In Mame (standalone, outside Bigbox) this combination works well for me. Are you meaning I need to change the combination inside Mame to other different that Bigbox uses to exit a game?
  10. It's freezing in BigBox only. How can I see my video set inside Mame? I can't find this option on system menu/video... Only can change the view mode (4:3, 16:9, cropp,...) In Mame I have the same combination key buttons to exit, in my case (back + button 2) This is the same combination I use on ALL Launchbox/Bigbox platforms to exit a game and return to Launchbox/Bigbox. Still saying that this bug is not happeninng everytime, but it happens a lot of times I use BigBox. Another thing is if the first system I play is not Mame, normally this bug not occurs, but if the first system I attemp to use inside Bigbox after launch it is Mame, normaly 90% times bug occurs. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Yes, I'm using a combination button defined on Launchbox/BigBox to exit games with my Xbox controller.
  12. I'm still having this problem on latest BigBox/Launchbox version... It not occurs always, but sometimes (a lot times with MAME) BigBox frezzes when exit game and need to close program with admin task manager. It's a worring bug.....
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