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Can I somehow use Manual (PNG/JPEG) as "Box Front Priorities" ?


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I am aware that most people use PDF's for their Launchbox/BigBox "Manuals" folder. As do I for most of my platforms. Though, for pinball, I like to use images (PNG/JPEG). I use the Manuals folder (Z:\LaunchBox\Manuals\Visual Pinball X) to store my instruction cards for quick access using the Pause screen/menu. Image formats like JPEG/PNG pop up MUCH quicker than PDFs; and looks nicer than the PDF renderer.

This brings me to my question... I do not have an entire collection of "Advertisement Flyer - Front" images yet, which I use in place of box art. This leaves an ugly blank area in the theme I am using. I was looking at the "Box Front Priorities" selections under the Media Options and noticed that Manuals was not an option. I suppose this is because most people use PDFs, which would not work in place of box art. I was wondering if the developers could bake in some code that would allow the Manuals folder to be an option in Box Front Priorities. I suppose they could write some logic that said "look for the Manuals folder, only use if image is found, do not use if only PDF".

Any suggestions to make this work on my end would be appreciated. Or, best case scenario, please pass this idea on to the developers. I would think this could be useful to many people.

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