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  1. Damn son, that's awesome! You really have to be focused and knowledgeable to build one of these. I so wish i had better electronics experience. The whole Pinscape and DOF stuff seems like too much for me to learn. Especially since you really need to know what you are doing when it comes to the different voltages and grounding. I don't want my shoddy electrical work to burn down my house. I think I will keep it easy and keep my computer separate too. I think I may just build the wood pinball table/artwork/monitors/buttons for now. And eventually add the extra electronics at a later period when I feel more comfortable with that process. I was also thinking of just buying one of VituaPin's plunger kit since I dont trust myself to go the Pinscape route.... that is, unless you are building extras and selling your creation 😃 Any experience with these? ... https://virtuapin.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25&products_id=105
  2. Nice, I am currently putting a plan together for a dedicated mini-pinball table like yours. I am going to base it around a 32" 120htz monitor... probably 2K'ish. What are you using for your plunger and nudges for the mini-pinball table you have? Did you build the table or buy it? (if bought, from where?) Size of the main screen?
  3. Jumpman on the PC Jr was probably my first video game addiction as a kid. I was hoping to get it running through Launchbox / BigBox, but i am unsure where to even start. I have no experience with DOSBox, but i figured this is probably what I will need to use to get it running. Any assistance in pointing my to the files I would need, and information on which emulator or other file/info I will need would be much appreciated 👍
  4. Mattel Intellivision 💗 ... sorry I had to make the request. Keep up the great work my man! The Pinball video was a great addition to my setup. I am using it for my Visual Pinball platform and it looks great 👍
  5. JP just updated a lot of his tables with tweaks and his latest physics, so its a good time to get back in it. How do you guys name your *.vpx tables? Personally, I leave them as the author names them so I can see what version it is ... version is usually part of the name of the file. The only problem with this method is that I continually have to update my rom path in LaunchBox to keep the tables playable. I guess my other option would be to just name my table generically; but then I wouldn't know the version. I guess this conundrum is why Jason doesn't want to officially add Pinball to LaunchBox; the continuous renaming of the tables.
  6. I like that idea. Minimal is good many times
  7. Awesomesauce! Please keep develoiping this Pause Theme. I have been wanting this in BigBox for a while now! Especially great for those of us that don't mind creating our own button images for our custom layouts.
  8. Mine is running perfect now ... I am 99% sure it was the Freezy DMD add-on demanding too much window attention. This weekend I did a clean install of Visual Pinball X with the final build of 10.6. I used the 'all in one' installer that installs all essential software. You have to manually update to MAME 3.2 for some reason, as it does not automatically install. This time I passed on installing the Freezy DMD extension or color DMDs. In BigBox, under Options>Mouse ... I have all 3 boxes checked. (Enable Mouse, Hide mouse cursor when not in use, Disable Mouse cursor over all apps) FYI ... my Default Comand-Line Parameters field for the Visual Pinball X emulator is filled in with ... -minimized -exit -play ... and I have the box checked for "Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown".
  9. The focus issue is most likely coming from the DMD window. It is hit and miss for me. This DMD window (which shows the score) sits on top of the gameplay window (unlike most emulated games, VPX has two active windows sharing the same screen-when in desktop view). When I load up a table everything looks fine, but I will need to click on the table with my mouse to reactivate that window to use my buttons (coins, start). I need to research a bit more, but it may specifically be tied to the more advanced Frosty's DMD (enahnced DMD add-on that allows better scaling of the DMD and color DMD), and note the default DMD's. Are you guys having focus issues with the default DMD games too, or just the Frosty DMD's? I'll do some more research on my end to determine this for my setup... at work atm so cant test yet.
  10. @viking I personally like using the text list to choose my games. I can scroll through and read the lists of games much faster as text than I can with clear logos. Plus, i like the vertical alphabet letter selection for quick navigation when in text view ... clear logos places this alphabet list horizontally, which confuses my mind when working against a vertical game selection wheel. As cool as the clear logos looks for selecting games, my brain just can not deal with it as well as text when scrolling through huge game libraries. As for how to move forward for you, I'd leave that up to you. Honestly I am a bit confused in how all that code works together since I have no experience with it. It seems like it should be an easy fix; but from what you two have described, it is not. Either way, I still love the Colorful theme. It would just be a bit nicer if you could somehow keep the dark background throughout all the windows. Hopefully I don't sound like I am nagging!
  11. @viking I got the 0.6 beta loaded and now have the dark mode working for the Platform wheel window. But I can not get it to show up for the game selection window (text). Is this a coding limitation, or did you overlook that view? See image link for the window I am talking about ... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P2Z5Qh_9KpIwzs-wD5pFUdeUnjBBzgxZ
  12. OK, I see now that I am on the wrong beta... I am on 0.5, but the latest is 0.6. Isn't BigBox supposed to automatically update to the latest?
  13. I dont see where to change it to dark mode. Under Option>Views I see this window, but with no option to change to dark. *attached image https://drive.google.com/open?id=18oLVlW6jcr5OXfTKtSxcx99w3CzOmgaG
  14. I too have this issue. There is a setting in BixBox to hide the mouse (maybe called mouse settings?). That seems to help a bit; but you loose the ability to regain focus through mouse clicks if lost. I think it has something to do with the DMD window drawing the focus away from the table window.
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