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  1. I am aware that most people use PDF's for their Launchbox/BigBox "Manuals" folder. As do I for most of my platforms. Though, for pinball, I like to use images (PNG/JPEG). I use the Manuals folder (Z:\LaunchBox\Manuals\Visual Pinball X) to store my instruction cards for quick access using the Pause screen/menu. Image formats like JPEG/PNG pop up MUCH quicker than PDFs; and looks nicer than the PDF renderer. This brings me to my question... I do not have an entire collection of "Advertisement Flyer - Front" images yet, which I use in place of box art. This leaves an ugly blank area in the t
  2. Wow, great work! Hopefully these somehow make back into the Launchbox database so they become the default downloaded images for new Launchbox users.
  3. I want it just for Astrosmash 😃 Perfect system for a young family, looking for alternatives from the more 'adult' systems.
  4. I use a Pause Theme to get to my manual. it's been a while since I set it up. If I rmemeber right, in launchbox and Bigbox you will need to setup a key, or combo for Pause theme.
  5. FYI - I had to reset my password at their site. They must have done something in the background to reset them.
  6. Im not sure when mine stopped working, but I am on latest LaunchBox/Bigbox build (not beta) and can no longer log into Emumovies through LB. I also tried logging into their webpage and can not. Any update on this?
  7. I may be the VPX person you are talking about. See the below link to follow to the YouTube video where I show how I have it setup. It should be the same for Future Pinball, I'm guessing. I am taking advantage of the "Manuals" folder. Most themes have a "View Manual" selection for this before starting the game (see in video at 0:10). And, with the right pause theme, you can again access "View Manual" during the pause screen (see video at 0:46). See the description in the Youtube video for the link to the pause theme I am using. In short ... - download the pdf pinball instruction cards.
  8. Thanks neil. For anyone wondering, it was the Bigbox ... "Options > Sound > Enable Music On Screen Display" setting. I unchecked the box.
  9. First and only bump to hopefully get a reply. See image above ... I would like to turn this popup off if able.
  10. So, either I have totally missed this in the past, or its a new BigBox feature. When I scroll through my games I am noticing some games cause a EmuMovies popup showing the music track, from EmuMovies. See attached for an example, SuperMario Brothers on NES. Can I turn this off, so it will not popup? Also, what exactly is the purpose of this popup? Thanks
  11. My brother has the one with the 4-way stick and spinner. Well worth it for the 4-way stick. Like you kids, I get so frustrated playing games like Frogger and DK with my 8-way setup. Im glad he went with that one since 4 player games are hardly ever used.
  12. Nice! My brother just picked up one of these. That cup holder would be a nice addition
  13. Check EAPrime's youtube channel. He is always putting up reviews on small PC's for emulation
  14. Thanks! I was going to suggest this but you beat me to it.
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