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  1. @viking Great update! I found a menu issue. When I pull up my vertical alphabet menu ... * A B C D E F G etc ... it is aligned in the middle of the game title text. It used to be directly left of the Game title text. See attached image. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WP6IORv6y5kA6xGujfX8QJqBx_CdWrXO/view?usp=sharing
  2. Nice, I cant wait to try it out! So, what is the correct way to update themes? I don't want to mess anything up... this will be my first time updating a theme.
  3. This happened to me too. If I turn the volume up, it come back. So mine seems to be getting muted too. I am not sure why either.
  4. Oh, thats good to know
  5. I'm using the official MAME exe (v198) It's annoying, because it has worked randomly from time to time. I got sick of it messing up, so had to turned off, which also turns it off for all my other emulators too =(
  6. Are there any other cases, besides my own, of BigBox losing focus when bringing up the BigBox pause screen in MAME (198)? Sometimes it comes up fine, only to lose focus when choosing EXIT. It will instead just go back to the game or to a black screen... when in black screen I can alt+tab and see MAME is still running. This makes me thing BigBox tried, but failed to close MAME when I selected the EXIT option. And then sometimes the BigBox Pause screen wont come up at all when in MAME. I have it set to P in MAME and BigBox. And got rid of P for Play for the other keyboard default function.
  7. [FIXED} BigBox defaults the F key as the flip folder, or something like that. Once I deleted that action, my navigation worked like I wanted. You just cant have two actions mapped to the same key ... maybe Jason can add some code to keep this from being able? ==================== FIXED - see above ==================== See attached YouTube video for bug in action... Navigating down does not work when mapped to two separate keys.
  8. I was asking more in line of what mount are you using? Or how are you able to flip and rotate the monitor. I have been looking at prefab mount arms, but none of them look like what I want.... too long or bulky. I may have to rig up my own mount
  9. Can you show some pictures of this setup. I was hoping to rig up something similar with my 32" monitor but can not find anything that I like.
  10. I set my deadzone to 0.1 and got rid of the auto fire issue. Though, it still only shoots at diagonals. Any ideas what is going on? Seems to only be an issue with the right analog stick games like Robotron and Black Widow. I am trying to configure Retroarch MAME games on my Android phone (Xbox One controller). I do not have this issue with the "real" MAME198 on my PC/Windows.
  11. Thanks! I ended up creating a wood jig to allow me to place my Keyboard and a mouse pad I made on top for "Work Mode". Great for transforming the arcade into a stand up desk. See attached image ... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xw7vllvAew_r48u6TVQ4IhDl4TX5jOIQ
  12. SNES was my college system. So, some epic memories of 20 person Mario Kart and Street Fight II Turbo tournaments. Though all the classic arcade games hold my best memories, and in my opinion some of the best game play (especially with an old school MAME arcade setup). I hear you about the game rig... mine is a jack of all trades too.
  13. Welcome! I hope you guys can dream up some awesome stuff, and I look forward to it ... no pressure. Do you have any ideas yet for what you think would make BigBox even better? What generation games are your favorites? Whats your game build?
  14. Great to hear you want to add it. Please do let me know when/if you add it and I can help beta test it for you if needed. I think it will be a great addition for people like myself that have their own custom arcade sticks and controllers.
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