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  1. My brother built a new PC recently and used the AMD Ryzen 5 5600G chip, which has built in graphics - he has no dedicated graphics card. How do I ensure that my emulators are taking advantage of the built in graphics of the 5600G? I am using my Launchbox build, which I put together using a AMD 3600 with a dedicated Nvidia 1660 graphics card. I remember changing some setting, maybe in the MAME INI file, to work best for that setup - cant remember exactly what those setting were. I am assuming I will need to some similar tweaks with his copy of my build since his is running on the AMD built in graphics. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I have had this problem randomly for a long time, so probably not a new thing. Like you, sometimes, when selecting Manual, it brings up the PDF way zoomed out. If I exit, then go back in, it looks fine. I have yet to find a reason why though. It only happens with PDFs, not images ... for me.
  3. This has always been a peeve of mine. Hearing the video reset when going back and forth through the two views is a bit annoying. I would like to see the video continue playing until I back out to the Platforms view. I would also like to see the video un-pause after I back out of the "View Manual" pdf too. It remains paused as it is set up now.
    Wow, 2.0 looks outstanding. This is easily my main theme now. I love the plain old text views the best for my build. And all the nice box highlights and shadows really make everything pop. Great job!
  4. No. I use Device images when scrolling through my Platforms in my Bigbox theme. When scrolling, and I land on a Device image, the startup sound for that system will be triggered. This is a new feature in the Community Theme Creator-or what ever its called. For example, when I scroll through and land on PS1, the startup sound will plat for that console. And when I land on Visual Pinball, I have a sound of pinball tables being played. I was thinking I may add a trigger for the Device image to fade away, and your commercials to start playing once the startup sound is finished.
  5. Great collection and thanks for sharing. I have been debating adding this to my theme. It could be a great addition to the the new Community Theme Creator feature for platform sounds.
  6. Nice collection. I have ended up using the flyers and clear logos for my VPX artwork. Along with gameplay videos. It is a tedious task collecting pinball artwork since you pretty much have to create it yourself. So, kudos for sharing, no matter how niche it may be.
  7. For my Launchbox/Android build on my phone, I am using Retroarch and specifically the Mame 2003 plus core since it seems to be the most compatible with my 0.198 roms. The most up to date Mame/retoarch core had a lot of issues with dual stick shooters like Back Widow and Robotron not shooting at diagonals - the 2003 plus core fixed that issue. For my PC build, I use MAME 198 with 198 roms. Matching, as always suggested. I am stuck on 198 because I have no desire to go through the hassle of the cascading problems that can come from updating MAME from such an old build.
  8. The new sound feature works perfect. Thanks for adding it. How did you make your voice sounds? I may give that a try
  9. Nice, I am going to use the consoles and PC startup sounds. But, I like your voice sounds too. I suppose I need to wait until the 2.2 update to get this new feature?
  10. Yes, that is what I want. Thanks for clarifying. I was beating my head trying to get C-Beats stuff you work, with no luck.
  11. This did not work for me. I assume this will be a tool that needs to be implemented into Community Theme Creator to work? I tried putting a wav file into my following folder... (but did not work) \LaunchBox\Themes\Tilted\Sounds\Nintendo Entertainment System\I tried both Select and Startup\Nintendo Entertainment System.wav I was unsure which {SoundType} to use to name my folder, so maybe I screwed that up. Am I missing something?
  12. @y2guru How would I go about adding sounds for each Platform as I toggle through them in the Platform view? I have downloaded startup mp3's of each console, and would like for them to start as I select them in the Platform list. Like you can currently do with platform videos. I am not using videos for my build.
  13. Thanks for sharing this theme @faeran. I used it as my first guide in learning Community Theme Creator, and it was a great help getting to know all the tools and such. I started tweaking things here and there and ended up with something I am pretty proud of. It is still very similar to your Tilt theme, but with added box, cart, logo artwork, a few shadows here and there, and I am using Device images instead of Fanart. I tried to keep all the animations fast to help navigation through menus snappy. I present you my theme, Tilted =P
    I finally got around to giving this a try. Wow!! What a wonderful piece of software. I am no coder, and I was able to stumble my way through it pretty well. I ended up starting with the Tilt theme as a base, and started tweaking it to my liking. After a day of messing around, I now have my own custom theme, that I (kind of) created. So cool. Thanks to the dev so much for creating this. I can now make my own refinements of themes, instead of begging the original authors to do it for me. Win-Win for everyone 😃
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