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  2. Did you setup a button to activate the BigBox theme? Find this setting in BigBox under ... Options > Keyboard Mapping > Show Pause Screen ... set it to the button you want.
  3. It's great to see more devs making pause screens that show control layouts. Can I recommend adding a link to 'View manual' in the pause screen menu? That is an important link that I use when pausing... using another pause theme. It's where I place my move lists for fighting games and other games that require move lists or stuff like instruction cards (pinball).
  4. What emulator are you using for Mattel Intellivision; and how are you controlling the games since the number pad makes emulation a pain in the ass with most joystick controllers and arcade controls? I ask because I have been struggling finding a good solution for playing those games on my setup.
  5. This dude is putting out some cool looking pinball instruction cards. http://www.pinballcards.com/. I cropped them (.PNG) to only show the rules, so i could quickly bring them up during the BigBox pause screen ('Game Controls' pause theme). Here is a video of them in action... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9SU9aCSTAM
  6. @JoeViking245 making it -60000 worked. All is perfect now @ed20910 I use a single button Pause... I was actaully having issues trying to use a 2-button combo for BigBox pause. It was hit and miss when it would work, so I reverted back to a single button and have had no issues since. From what I understand, VPX does not have a true pause. I just wait until I gutter ball, or get a hold with the flipper... then hit pause.
  7. I like your perseverance. And it paid off !!! I just tried about 10 tables and it worked great for all of them but "The Flintstones". But that one is a known long loader - it must have a bunch of code or graphics compared to the other tables. Thanks for taking so much time figuring this out. Hopefully it is something you will use in your build too.
  8. I did not the first time... just made two beeps, then the normal pinmame splash screen. Then it worked the second time without me changing anything. So, I think the splash screen timing depends on the PC load... maybe it had things running in the background or something... who knows. Now I just need to play with the times a bit, like you said, to find a happy medium. If that doesn't work, then it's back to, god forbid, pressing the button at the splash screen! 😃
  9. @JoeViking245 That worked. I hear two beeps now, two different tones. Though, I have a feeling this will not work since each table loads at different times due to how complex the design is. It will probably have to be individual timings for each table. That could be a lot of work figuring out the perfect timings.
  10. I don't think the script is being run at all when I open a table. Also, I do not have the full version of autohotkey installed... only what came with Lanchbox. I should be updated to the latest official build of Launchbox, by the way (non-beta). I think I'm just going to click the damn button myself Thanks for joining me in this wild goose chase. 😃 I least I learned my Autohotkey does not work. Should I report this as a bug?
  11. do i need to set the path the autohotkey.exe path somewhere? Or is that assumed since it came with the Launchbox installation?
  12. nothing =( #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. SoundBeep,1000,1000 Done = 0 SetTimer, WaitedTooLong, -15000 While (!Done) { WinWait Preparing Table SoundBeep,,1000 Sleep, 9000 Send {s} Exit } WaitedTooLong: Exit
  13. Bam! I got one long beep... 2 secs or so
  14. No beep. But I can here a quick low volume hum then thud ... meaning, I can hear the speaker make a slight sound like it is activated then shuts down.
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