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  1. Looks good man! If you want to, I would love to have media for these games ... Killer Queen Black Samurai Gunn
  2. If you are a retro arcade fan, you should be looking into Killer Queen Black. It is the online adaptation to Killer Queen, the 10-player arcade game that you can find at many local arcades. I played Killer Queen last month at my local barcade and fell in love immediately. After coming home and researching it a bit, I was glad to find Killer Queen Black was coming out on Switch and Windows (Steam) October 11th. That's tomorrow! So, here I am, trying to find some other like minded adults to join up with. The teams are 4 vs 4. I am getting it through steam. So hit me up if you want to give it a run ... https://steamcommunity.com/id/itchyrobot
  3. is your MAME.ini file read only?
  4. That's too bad. I was hoping you could make something work. Is it a limitation that @Jason Carr puts on BigBox with its code, or is it that you do not know how to implement it? @JoeViking245 and @Retro808 mentioned in the following thread that they have been successful in implementing the feature into their own Pause screens. So you may want to ask them for help if you are unsure how to make it work. See the end of Page 4 of this forum thread... Hopefully one of the guys I linked on this post will chime in with their ideas since they are probably most knowledgeable of the code and what is and what is not possible. Personally I would rather have the Controller image accessible from the game screen, like I mentioned in my previous post of this thread. Or better yet, in both locations, a link for the Game screen and in the Pause screen. The reason mainly being because the pause screen in MAME can be a bit flaky for me, not working sometimes. Plus, you may have to make the Pause screen rather large to ensure that the image is readable when the pause screen pops up.
  5. [UPDATE-working now] I went ahead and tried it again, and it worked this time. ========================= I am unable to import Steam games too. I have my profile and friends list set to public. I am running the latest build of Launchbox/Bigbox. I noticed that in the import process, one of the windows, asks for my Steam ID ... The window shows http://steamcommunity.com/id/ [box to enter SteamID#] Should the above link be https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/ instead? I get the following error ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TgG2BhL7iacNUeDEXWTdUmW4Rqz4-u8-/view?usp=sharing
  6. Another day, another suggestion from me 😃 I am trying to find a good solution for showing my controls for each game. There is a specific folder that BigBox uses for showing this image, it is called "Arcade - Controls Information", which is where you store the games controls layout image (ones I have created specifically for my arcade sticks/spinner/ball/buttons). With your current Colorful Theme layout I can navigate to this image by clicking on a game, then choosing View Images Fullscreen. This is nice, but a bit clunky to navigate to. It would be nice if you could somehow add another text selection called "Show Controls" that will bring up the image stored in the games "Arcade - Controls Information" folder. Or is this already possible in BigBox's settings? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CofPWP_sgOyXiwn4OhzsqrPTgyPCVev6/view?usp=sharing Thanks for listening to my suggestions!
  7. That's what I was afraid of. This stuff is easy for you guys, but people like me struggle with this stuff. Hopefully you can share what code to edit, or what to add, and where to edit, etc when you are back in town. It would be much appreciated. I can make my own images and artwork for the controllers, but the code tweaking is over my head. But I am good at following instructions 😃
  8. This sounds great. What theme are you using? I don't see that ability for mine. You must be tweaking code to make this happen? When you say system, do you mean individual game, or a console? Sorry if dumb questions, still wrapping my head around all these settings and functions
  9. Ok, NES wasn't a good example, how about gameCube, or MAME! 😃 As for it not working since everyone sets up there button differently .... that is why I said it would be up to individuals to create their own images to show the button layout for that specific game. We would program each emulator like we want it, and create images that represent this. All BigBox would need to do is pull an image from a certain game folder and display it in the Pause menu. If an image in not in that games folder, it would not show up. I bet it would be easier to implement on a Console level. Show the same image for every game within the Gamecube collection. But that would not work for MAME. That is why I was saying we may need separate images per game for systems like MAME.
  10. Sooooooo ... where are we on this when it relates to keeping it simple for idiots like myself? Is there a way to implement the controller layouts with the Pause Themes? It would be nice if BigBox was smart enough to know that when I pause a NES game, it would add a link to the Pause menu that said "Controller Layout" that I click on to show the NES layout on my XBox One controller. Or better yet, have the image popup with the Pause menu, underneath Load, Save, etc. I guess this could get tricky for MAME games since we would want a different button layout for each game. This shouldn't be an issue for Consoles since a single button layout for NES should work for the entire NES game list, for example. Better yet, maybe @Jason Carr could somehow code it so when a game it paused, it looks to see what rom/game is being played, and shows a specific Controller Image for that rom/game in the pause menu. And it would be up to us to create our own controller layout images for each game... we would just need to have a specific folder structure so we know where to place the images so BigBox's pause menu can find them.
  11. Can I make another suggestion? See the image below. Can you make the green highlighted text White instead of Grey? It is hard for me to read, old eyes =P https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SerYOObpyCPBiQlAulChKN6E3DVewE65/view?usp=sharing
  12. Great theme my friend! Suggestion ... Is there a way to keep the *,A,B,C,D,E ... menu vertical when using clear logos? I like the vertical design of the *,A,B,C,D,E menu with the default text. But Bigbox throws it down to a horizontal layout when using logos. Which makes my brain hurt... not as intuitive as a vertical menu. This goes for your Refried 2.0 theme too.
  13. I think I am going to have to do the same. That RetroArch core wont start a few of my favorite games, such as Dragonfire.
  14. With a lot of help from the Launchbox and MAME community I have finally "finished" my barcade setup. I put the word, finished, in quotes because I can imagine with this hobby, the barcade will always be a work in progress, evolving into something bigger and better. Thanks to everyone here that patiently answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction when I hit snags along the way. It was a learning process, but I am so happy with the outcome. Front End = BigBox/Launchbox Main Theme = Colorful (Bigbox) Pause Theme = PausePie (Bigbox) Emulators = Visual Pinball X, MAME, Dolphin, RetroArch Artwork = EmuMovies, Launchbox website, and from many Google searches.
  15. So, I thought I had everything working correctly. But now I am seeing two instances of "Arcade" in my Platform Category view. See the attached image ... It was only showing one, until I added a few roms that were missed by the MAME import wizard. After I added these roms this ended up happening. If I right click/edit the first Arcade, it comes up as "Edit Platform". If I right click/edit the second Arcade, it comes up as "Edit Platform Category". If I right click/edit the Arcade underneath the second one, it says "Edit Platform". WTF is going on here?! What have I done?
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