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Mark additional apps that have retroacheivement support!


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Doing a major overhaul of additional apps the past few months, adding anything i can to each of my games. When i got around to adding rom hacks and mods to each game I realized that retroacheivements actually supports some of these hacks. So i needed a way to differentiate all the normal hacks from the RA supported ones. Turns out the solution was simple, lb must support unicode symbols because the trophy emoji displays properly! So i can now "mark" certain rom hacks that RA supports by adding the trophy symbol at the end. Combined with the RA plugin already available I never miss a RA supported title in my collection. As a avid trophy hunter this has been really useful to me the past few weeks, figured i'd share the info in case anybody else thinks its useful. Just copy the 🏆 symbol and paste it into the additional app title.


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