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Integrate XCloud Games from LB?


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2 years later but figured I'd throw my setup in here.  Let me preface this by saying it's not a perfect solution, but it does allow for launching/closing via LaunchBox and BigBox without much trouble.  Streaming MUST be done through a web browser, there isn't a real easy way to launch it via the Xbox App on PC.  I haven't noticed much of a difference in quality between the two in my testing.  Brief guide below:


First, you'll want to ensure your Xbox account is logged in and remembered on your web browser of choice.  Navigate to the XCloud Website and start up your desired game.  Once launched, copy the full URL in the top bar.  Example for this guide will be MLB The Show 2023.  That URL would be: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/play/launch/mlb-the-show-23-xbox-series-x|s/9NH55VG268SS


Next, you will want to make a shortcut to open the web browser and navigate to that game's URL.  On your desktop, right click Create Shortcut.  For the location (on Chrome) enter the following syntax:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" URL -start-fullscreen

  • After the shortcut is created, right click again and go to Properties.  Ensure that the dropdown next to Run is set to Maximized.  I've noticed sometimes the window will glitch out if I don't do this.  Click Apply.



With that done, test your shortcut and ensure it launches fullscreen with the game starting up.  Then move the shortcut wherever you'd like for organization.


Last step is to add it to LaunchBox.  Go to Tools > Import > Manually Add Game...

Enter any information into the Metadata tab (luckily The Show 23 has a switch copy so I could pull photos and information). 
On the Launching tab under Application Path, click browse... and navigate to your shortcut.  On the Emulation tab, ensure Use an emulator to play this game is unchecked.



The game should now appear in LaunchBox/BigBox and open/close just as any other program would.  Please note, if you wish to use another browser, the syntax for the shortcut may be different.  Shouldn't be more than a quick Google to find out the -command needed to launch that browser fullscreen though.


Hope a more integrated solution becomes available down the road.  For now this does the trick and lets me get all my games from one spot.

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