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  1. The title says it all. Is there a way to start an Xbox game streaming service directly from LaunchBox
  2. Hey everyone. I can't start games from BigBox anymore when Steam Launcher is enabled. I can start games from desktop mode so its not completely broken. I also saw another post talking about reverting back to an older version of LaunchBox so I tried that but then BigBox doesn't work at all. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Oh wow nevermind I just noticed your suggestion about prevent steam focus stealing. I enabled it and it works now. I'm an idiot I never noticed it before. I guess there was a solution this whole time. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks for trying. Yeah the WinMax is great but it does present some weird challenges. I will keep tinkering with it. It's not the end of the world. Just minor annoyances.
  5. No sweat man. Lord knows I got plenty of other stuff to play. Whatever you can do is appreciated.
  6. So first of all, yes, when I disable steam launcher the emulator runs without issue. That's why I guessed steam launcher is causing it. Secondly, I have tried duckstation with Steam launcher enabled in both windowed Fullscreen and Fullscreen mode. It made no difference, either way the emulator would pause itself. It may just be a setting within the core itself but looking through the core settings I couldn't identify anything that could cause the issue.
  7. Looking for some help/advice here. I love steam launcher because I have a GPD Win Max so the plugin makes it easy for me to transition seamlessly between the built in controller and any of the external controllers I like to use when plugged into a monitor. The only part that annoys me is the Duckstation core in Retroarch. Whenever I start a PS1 game up from Big Box the emulator pauses itself shortly after start up. I then have to click on the mouse to get the game to resume and play as normal. I figured out this is because of Steam Launcher taking the focus of Retroarch at startup, causing it to pause itself. I the went into the Retroarch settings and made it so taking focus off Retroarch doesn't pause the program. However the problem is that none of the inputs works until I click the mouse to bring the focus back to Retroarch so it doesn't really solve my problem. This only happens with Duckstation core. Every other Retroarch core I use pauses itself also, but the difference is that it also resumes itself instantly without me need to click the mouse. I understand this a very specific problem, but it is annoying so I'm curious if anyone has encountered a similar problem and knows of a solution. I don't want to switch to another PS1 core either, Duckstation is perfect for all of my PS1 needs. Thanks for any ideas/solutions you guys might have.
  8. Sorry never mind. I now see the other posts about this. I just hope it can be fixed.
  9. Hi people. Steam Launcher just isn't working anymore and I'm not sure why. I try to start a game and nothing comes up. If I disable Steam Launcher then the game works. I know steam updated recently so does that mean it broke the plugin? I also see a post about problems with the Beta Version of Steam but I don't have that. I'm pretty sure mine is just the regular thing. Any help?
  10. I really like this. The more customizable the better in my opinion. I use the steam launcher for all but a few games so I guess a blacklist style would work best in my case. But either seems manageable. Looking forward to updates. Great job!
  11. yes I used skraper to get videos for my games. Deleting the backup worked though! thank you so much dude, it was driving me crazy haha
  12. Yes I do. So what do I do? If I delete for example the PS2 backup file will I have to reconfigure everything I have set up for that platform?
  13. I tried posting this on Reddit but I haven't gotten any responses yet. I don't know how to navigate these forums very well and I just can't seem to find any help for my problem. I'm sorry if the answer to this is obvious but I just don't know what else to do. There are several games in my Library that I don't want. But, when I deleted them from the launchbox they would just reappear. I even went into my files and deleted the actual roms. They still reappear everytime I open launchbox. I'm absolutely baffled and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. I even tried to mark them as hidden and broken and they still show back up everytime. It's annoying. Can anybody explain to me why this is happening or what I can do to fix it permanently? I've deleted these games from my library dozens of times I feel like I'm going crazy
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