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LaunchBox affecting controller profile within RetroArch?


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Hi there!

I am very puzzled right now. My impression was that LaunchBox should mainly serve as a frontend to launch games with. However I'm running into a problem where starting an N64 game seems to introduce a different controller profile into RetroArch than the one I'm usually using. That wouldn't be a huge deal if I could simply configure and safe this new profile, but RetroArch just won't safe it. Essentially every time I quit a game (and RetroArch) and start another I have to configure my buttons again.

Specifically, I'm using a Nintendo 64 controller that's listed as an Xbox 360 controller in RetroArch. Without LaunchBox I can map the usual buttons of a modern controller, including L2 and R2.
Now, when booting up RetroArch via LaunchBox, the controller profile is still called 'Xbox 360 controller', but now it seems specifically tailored towards the N64 controller layout, with a Z-trigger instead of L2 and R2.

Is this a LaunchBox feature I didn't know about? There has to be some connection as starting RetroArch without LaunchBox consistently loads up the standard Xbox-Controller-Scheme.

Any ideas what's going on here?


Edit: So on further testing it seems that RetroArch is unable to save ANY settings when launched via LaunchBox. Is this by design?

Edit 2: Okay, it seems that was because of a core override config. I had to disable it, configure my controller and enable it again. Now everything seems to be in working order. Question still stands though, why does LaunchBox affect the controller layout inside RetroArch?

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