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Wireless Controller Issue


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Today I bought an Xbox One/Series wireless controller dongle for my PC. I have always used a cable from my controller to my PC in the past.


I am encountering a strange issue now with LaunchBox. When I launch a game whatever button I press on the controller causes the PC to switch back to LaunchBox.

The emulator is still running but I am back in LaunchBox almost as if I have pressed Alt+tab on my keyboard.

I tested this with various emulators launching games from LaunchBox and it always has the same effect.

However, when I close LaunchBox and run the game directly from the emulator there is no issue and the games run fine and work fine with the controller.

Controller also works fine in Steam.


I cannot seem to find an answer to this.


Please help me! I really want to use wireless controllers and were very excited to finally get a wireless receiver for my PC. Both Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers work great. Just this very strange issue with LaunchBox.

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