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  1. Strangely it has stopped doing this now. I have no idea why it stopped. I only suspect that it was due to me running the emulators outside of LauncBox first. Played for a bit and it happened 1 more time but so far not again.
  2. Today I bought an Xbox One/Series wireless controller dongle for my PC. I have always used a cable from my controller to my PC in the past. I am encountering a strange issue now with LaunchBox. When I launch a game whatever button I press on the controller causes the PC to switch back to LaunchBox. The emulator is still running but I am back in LaunchBox almost as if I have pressed Alt+tab on my keyboard. I tested this with various emulators launching games from LaunchBox and it always has the same effect. However, when I close LaunchBox and run the game directly from the emulator there is no issue and the games run fine and work fine with the controller. Controller also works fine in Steam. I cannot seem to find an answer to this. Please help me! I really want to use wireless controllers and were very excited to finally get a wireless receiver for my PC. Both Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers work great. Just this very strange issue with LaunchBox.
  3. OK it works for Saturn as well. This is just one of those cases where I overlook something really simple and just assume it is not possible.
  4. Thank you kindly, that did the trick! There seems to be many sites with incorrect bios files. Doing as you said by actually searching the checksum did the trick to lead me to the correct place. I will now try same for Saturn and hope I get that working as well.
  5. How would I be able to see the MD5 checksum for a bios I downloaded?
  6. Thanks. That did not work though. Maybe I have bad bios files. I will play around with this some more.
  7. I have a question around using games from different territories. It is a problem with Saturn and Sega CD games (for now). I have both US, Europe and Japanese games in my build but only the US games open obviously as I have the US Bios files in the Retroarch system folder. (Retroarch cores: Genesis Plus GX for Sega CD and Beetle Saturn) I can’t seem to find an answer for this issue. There are some nice Japanese & Europe Sega CD games I would like to play. I cannot be the only person who has had this issue but I cannot find an clear answer on this. It does not seem to work by just including the bios files in the system folder – at least not the bios files I believe to be for Europe and Japan.
  8. I just have a question regarding what I can expect to go wrong with this process. My build has gotten too large for my PC's internal E hard drive so I bought an external 5tb drive and would like to just copy and past the whole Launchbox folder over. It will still be used on the same PC. I did watch ETA Prime's video on how to move Launchbox but I was worried that there may be some other aspects that could be a problem. I have made sure that from the start I kept all my ROMS and Emulators inside the Launcbox folder but I presume there will still be issues especially with something like Yuzu which cannot be installed anywhere other than the C drive of a PC thus at least that one will not move and I believe I will have to point to it again or at least to its ROMS. Anything else I can expect to happen or go wrong? Thanks.
  9. Sorry for reviving an old thread but just a note as I also came here searching for a solution and found this thread first. Windows Defender may consider files within Launchbox to be a virus and quarantine them. This is what happened in my case. I investigated and could not see why the file was being identified as a Trojan. I still have no idea why but because concerned that a ROM may have hidden the virus within LaunchBox (if that is even possible) so I rather re-installed LaunchBox. See screenshot from Windows Defender below. Maybe someone knows what this file is for?
  10. Its just that its much easier with the LST files as they dont require CHD's So far the games I tested did not have any issues. I just dont like going through the whole head ache of downloading the latest Mame ROM set (and searching for it) and then searching all over the internet to try and find the CHD files. I really wish these Mame ROM sets included the CHDs. What is the lastest Mame ROM set? If I download it, does it mean upgrading my Mame version to the same number and then also deleting my whole current Mame setup and re-importing everything? That is also a head ache as if you select importing images it can take more than a day to import. Would not look forward to that again.
  11. OK I seem to be getting somewhere, I found LST files in another download for Noami ROMS from interne archive. The games I testes so far works, except for a strange message that pops up when the game starts "Please upgrade to MAME romset of expect issues" Thats strange, does it mean I should not really be using the LST files (as also ETA Prime showed in his video to use LST files)? It seems easier as there is no need for CHD files with them.
  12. Should I have a special Bios for Naomi? I have simply been adding the games and running them through Flycast which still only has than 1 bios I got earlier following your instructions. Some games work, others not.
  13. Yea I dont know, something is not right. I am not sure if all these games are actually Naomi games now. Even when putting the CHD in a folder with the same name as the game file it does not start up. Even if unzipped or not. Im not sure what to do other than just leaving out the games that do not work.
  14. Please help me again. I am now adding Naomi to my LaunchBox using the same setup process I did for Atomiswave. its all good and well but now I have run into games than need CHD files. For example Beach Spikers. I did download the CHD and put it in the same folder as the game zip but the game does not start up, I then unzipped the CHD and also kept it in the same folder but still the game does not start up. Another game I downloaded that did not need a CHD works fine. See screenshot. "otrigger.zip" is Outtrigger and it runs fine. "beachspi.zip" was the main file for Beach Spikers. I saw it needed a CHD as the ROM site had that as well so I just downloaded it and placed it in the same folder zipped as "beachspi-chd.zip" Then when the game would not run I tried to unzip it thus the other file "gds-0014.chd" but it still does not run. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Oh OK. I had no idea. I wish I was at your level when it comes to this stuff. I always really battle to figure it out and then like in this case the videos on Youtube are outdated and lead me in the wrong direction. I am at 28 systems now so have been a long road but it is really exciting to get the games and emulators to work.
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