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  1. Same issue. Oh well, I give up now. Maybe the actual files are also not correct and causing the problem. At least all the other Dreamcast games I wanted I was able to find online in gdi.
  2. Yielded the same result as before. Screen flashes as if it tried to open a window and then nothing. I tried running as Administrator but the same issue. I give up on this game now. Will just have to accept I cannot play it. Well maybe I can get the PS2 ROM for it when I get around to setting up PS2 on Launchbox.
  3. I searched for CHDMAN in MAME and found the application. I then copied it into the folder for Capcom vs SNK 2 and double clicked on it. The screen flashed for a second and then nothing else happened. I dont understand what I am doing wrong. It is really just this game that I still need. I am able to find all the other Dreamcast games ROMS online in gdi. format but just not this game and with my luck this was my favorite game on Dreamcast.
  4. Thank you, but I have no idea how to use CHDMAN and I cannot find anything about it that makes any sense to me. Again, being such a noob I really need an easy explanation of how to do this. 😟
  5. That does not work for "CUE" files. The Redream emulator does read the gdi. though and a game works that has a gdi. extension but not CUE. So in my example Capcom vs. SNK 2 does not work.
  6. Please forgive me for asking this - I know there are threads about this but I just dont understand it clearly enough. I am extremely new to this... How do I get the files I downloaded for a game - as in the screenshot below/attached, to be in cdi format? I am following the video ETA Prime made as below but he refers to cdi files and when I download a Dreamcast game it exports into these Bin and a "CUE Other" files my PC picks up as VLC compatible? I am probably looking like an idiot/ultra noob but I just dont understand this. 😢 but
  7. Thanks so much! That seemed to have worked.
  8. Hey guys, I am new to LaunchBox and have been following ETA Prime's videos to set up everything. All has gone well so far and I have a MAME Arcade ROM set and a SNES ROM set loaded. I searched the forums but could not find a post that addresses this issue I am having. Please help! The Arcade option, the category list simply does not work - well there are categories but when you select one no games are shown. This is unique to the MAME Arcade games, it works perfectly well for SNES. See screenshot as attached, "No results were found" I also note that there is no option to "auto generate child list" when you right click on Arcade (second screenshot) however this option is available on consoles. What am I doing wrong? I don't understand, there is a list of categories but not one of them lists any games. 😢
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