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FS-UAE is having problems seeing some games now?


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Hi, I'm having a problem with some games in my Amiga setup on Launchbox recently. I have my Amiga games set up individually in Launchbox using FS-UAE and an application one of the LB community made called FS-UAE Exporter, which creates code ID's for each game that LaunchBox can boot. Up until recently this has been working fine, but then I started getting error messages with some games.

First thing I did was download the latest WHDLoad versions of each affected game, as they weren't showing up in the FS-UAE Launcher itself so of course LaunchBox wouldn't boot them. I tried that and it worked for some of the games, but most were still not being shown on the FS-UAE Launcher, and so weren't booting through LB and getting the same error message. I'm not sure whats going on with it. Is this an issue some of you are getting? Some of the games that aren't working are:

Another World
Body Blows
Chaos Engine 2
Dragon Spirit
Fire & Ice
James Pond
Lemmings 2
Ruff n Tumble
Shadow Of The Beast

Could any of you do me a favour and try one of these games through LaunchBox and see if they still work for you? If they do then I can only guess that you haven't recently updated the FS-UAE Database, and the old WHDLoad files still work for you. If that is indeed the problem of course. Thanks in advance.

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On 1/18/2022 at 8:32 PM, Madhead said:

Nevermind I fixed it. Turns out the site I got them from didn't have the latest versions.

Hi, I have exactly the same issue.

Any clues to which site you used in the end?

I realise I have the wrong versions but I just cannot locate the correct ones. For example, for Another World I need WHDLoad, v2.7, 0425 

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