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Colem controller setup question


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I decided to use Colem as a Colecovision emulator because it plays the nonstandard .bin file that is used with the Pac-Man Collection that was released in 2008.  I really haven´t found any other emulators where this file format works.

Colem works fine from Launchbox, but when the game starts it does not enter the game.  I need to press 1 or 2 for 1 or 2 players, but every key that I have tried will not start the game.  I tried binding my controller several times but the only options in Colem are for the 4 fire buttons which I already mapped to my xbox 360 controller.   Outside of being able to start the games, all is working fine.

The instructions from the emulator mention that the keypads function the same as the Colecovision controller, but when I press 1 or 2 nothing happens in the emulator.

Posting here to see if anyone uses this emulator and if they are able to get this working.  Not really a Launchbox question as all works fine with Launchbox.

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Ok I figured it out, it was just me.  The keyboard does work to start the game by pressing 1 or 2, not sure why it didn´t work for me before.

For the Pac-Man collection game the + button on the keyboard is used to insert quarters.


Apologies for posting this in the noobs forum when its an emulator question.

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