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  1. Glenn72

    Sega Naomi

    Hi Jason, I tried importing only my Sega Naomi directory and added the Mame metadata option, but it made a big mess and imported all mame titles that were not in the directory or sub directory. I’m not sure why it did that as my Mame folders are on a completely different directory outside of the Naomi path.
  2. In order to run games from Launchbox, Retroarch must be closed and not running in the background. Once I found that out all Retroarch games run flawlessly from Launchbox. Problem appears to be on the Retroarch side and not Launchbox. The other thing that I noticed is that some games don’t work from the emulator setting to uncompress zip or 7zip files from Launchbox. As Retroarch does this automatically, I disable this setting.
  3. Glenn72

    Sega Naomi

    Any chance that we can get the Sega Naomi games added? As they use the same emulator as Atomiswave, I imported then with Atomiswave system and they show up with the Mame shortname, but there is no full name, box art or descriptions. I can still run them and uses Launchbox is 1000x better then using Retroarch menus. Thanks in advance.
  4. I’ve just started setting this up but what I realized is if retroarch crashes immediately when a game is launched then it’s missing the system bios file.
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