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Guide: compression to use for most popular platform


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Hi everyone,

I found some topic about compress, but they are not complete or don't find the right topic... So i list some of the main game system and what to use to compress them to keep your collection the smallest possible. Many are in zip format, i didn't investigate if chd or others can be used as there are old game and already a small file. The attached file contain main software for compression. Check if your emulator support these type of file before proceeding, old emulator will maybe not support it.

3DO: chd (chdman)
3DS: emulator doesn't support compression for now.
32x: zip
Arcade (mame): zip + chd
Atomiswave: zip
CD-i Philips: chd (chdman + cdifile) (file from harryoke) (script doesn't support filename with apostrophe)
Dreamcast: chd (chdman) (you can't convert cdi format to chd)
GameBoy Advance (gba): zip
GameBoy Color (GBC): zip
GameCube: rvz (use dolphin emulator, import games, right click on games and convert file)
GameGear: zip
Genesis: zip
Nintendo (nes): zip
Nintendo 64: zip
Nintendo DS: zip
Nintendo Wii: rvz (use dolphin emulator from iso file, import games, right click on games and convert file) (if you have a wbfs, use wiibackupmanager to transfer them to iso)
Nintendo WiiU: wua (from Cemu 1.27 and later -> Tools -> Manage Titles -> right click on game)
Playstation: pbp (psx2psp, compress and combine multi-disc game) or chd (for better compression)
Playstation 2:  chd (chdman)
Playstation 3: emulator doesn't support compression for now.
Playstation Portable (psp): cso (yacc)
Saturn: chd (chdman)
Sega CD: chd (chdman)
Super Nintendo: zip
TurboGrafx: zip
TurboGrafx-CDchd (chdman)
Virtual Boy: zip
Xbox: emulator doesn't support compression for now.
Xbox 360: emulator doesn't support compression for now. (Use iso2god for trimming iso).



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