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  1. Yes, i think launchbox is for the person who setup the software and bigbox is more for other user (kid, arcade machine setup)... But if you use a lot this great software, this is not a big expense to support the teams 👍
  2. I don't understand people staying on the free version, the bigbox mode is too useful to choose a game for kids or people doesn't know games. But it requires a lot of work if we want to get a perfect setup with a lot of games (front box, ingame video...). I'm working on it over a year, especially because some video was not found on emumovie. I have done over 1000 ingame video...
  3. Wow i doesn't tought you need this kind of power, a server with 2 cpu with 20 core.
  4. Hi hobapli, Check my post, it's maybe your problem for video; You can edit the xml file, copy it on your desktop, do change, save, and put it back on your phone.
  5. Maybe i doesn't explain correctly what i want... For example, i have 15 platforms and i want to export to external hard drive 8 platforms (with all needed file for launchbox app and games). So a kind of copy to use it on another computer. So symbolic link are not useful as i can be outside the house with the laptop. I already use symbolic link on my backup computer to put lauchbox on ssd and data on another HD. My primary computer have everything on the same HD...
  6. Ok, but i don't think it will export only needed data to run lauchbox (video and image for selected platform).
  7. Hi, I want to export some platform to a portable hard drive, the reason is that my library is too big to fit on a 2.5 hard drive and the computer (laptop) doesn't have enough power to drive all games. There is a feature like this or have you thought about it? It must not be done like to export on android as i don't want to do a copy of 2TB data of games. I'm thinking about a kind of powershell/cmd code that copy needed file for lauchbox and games.
  8. Hi Bumblebee, I got the beta version 1.0 after activating beta release in options. https://www.launchbox-app.com/android-about/change-log For dos or scummvm games, i think the developer need to add the code to load these core (maybe not simple like this). I don't think the first stable version will fix everything, as android have many different hardware and speed. They will add features and support more core/emulator with the time. You will maybe get another answer from the team after the holiday...
  9. There is a problem when exporting from launchbox on pc, it does not create the xml file correctly, maybe it's the same when downloading from emumovie on android. Check my post; You can confirm this in your xml file in launchbox\data\platforms.
  10. I got a problem when exporting game with video. If the video are in "Recordings" folder, they are not exported, so i need to move it to the main folder video. Also, the option are not saved, i choose a different language or do not download missing media, but it back on when i return in launchbox. Other things, i created a platforms "Sega genesis hack" for modified roms and i add a custom banner for this but it's not exported as the banner folder are not accessible/hidden on android. Is it possible to move the folder in the exported folder?
  11. You need to move manually all your data from your phone to the sd card and in launchbox on phone, go to option -> data folder. Before move it, go to this option and see if it see your sd card by choosing parent folder few times, if you see 2 times /storage/ in the root, it means it see your phone and sd card.
  12. I don't understand or it's doesn't work. I activate the exit combo for retroarch on android, but when it exit, it go to the home screen of the phone, not in launchbox.
  13. I think you are talking about launchbox on pc, but i asked from the android section, so this is a question for launchbox for android. 😉
  14. Hi, I don't know if it's something possible, there is a config to do in retroarch to get back to the launchbox's interface or this must be done by launchbox?
  15. I think the same thing for the info. Here's my homemade game selection (pc version), the screenshot of the game is a movie. I think that the most important it's the mode (number of players), style and maybe the community rating. Developer, publisher and release date, i don't think it's really important, but i understand that you need to start somewhere. I think the best can be a menu to select what we want to show.
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